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We love workers who love their jobs

I REFER to the letter “Appearance complements competence” by Rueben Dudley of Petaling Jaya (NSU, Aug 10) and agree with the writer’s point of view.

Indeed, experience and ability are almost essential qualities to be employed. However, the most important quality a person must possess is a love for the job.

Job-loving employees will never present themselves to work unkempt, inappropriately dressed or unduly accessorised. A love for the job also gives a person a sixth sense to understand and solve difficult and unexpected situations almost on the spot.

Employees who love their jobs make things simple and easy, which, in turn, save money, time and worries. On top of that, employees who love their jobs are rational, law-abiding, trustworthy, hardworking and bent towards improvement. If job-loving employees see that they need extra skills to do their jobs better, they will get those skills without being told to do so.

The ability to operate independently while never losing sight of the employers’ needs and expectations is the trademark of employees who love their jobs.

Love for the job should not be confused with a passion for the job. Passion is temporary, irrational and often disrespectful of rules and the law. Love, on the other hand, is law-abiding, honest and long-lasting.

Many human resource managers recognise prospective employees who have a love for the job, yet they would not hire them, and would rather go for the standard employee with the excuse that these people are more qualified, experienced and, possibly, malleable.

The main reason why love is kept out of the workforce is that job-loving employees are usually game-changers, and, although we live in a changing world, employers are often reluctant to change because it usually involves an increase in costs.

Yet, employers will have to give love its due if they truly want to progress. In the end, love is simply the most powerful force in the universe. Marisa Demori, Kuala Lumpur NST Letters 24 AUGUST 2014 @ 8:04 AM

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