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The P.U.R.E. way to living in harmony

I HAVE been caretaker to hundreds of hostel students for four years. It is a great challenge for me to make everyone understand and obey the long list of hostel rules, so I came up with P.U.R.E (Positivity, Unity, Respect, Endurance).

These four letters simplify the tedious list and are four key factors that will help occupants stay harmoniously as one happy family.

After a few months, I began to notice changes in the students’ behaviour, which resulted in fewer disciplinary cases. The hostel is now a home, and the friends are now siblings.

That the idea works makes me a proud “father” of 200 children. For this reason, I believe Malaysia needs to put the same effort to produce exemplary citizens, whose love for the country will grow stronger each day.

An optimist agrees that the glass is half-full. Living with “Positivity” is living in harmony. A positive mind can turn a bad day into a breezy one. It can make a moody person smile. It can even change a person’s life.

We need to stay positive when we are tested with disasters, catastrophes and ordeals. These are inevitable circumstances that may be a blessing in disguise. We just need to stop playing the blame game and start reflecting on ourselves.

The second aspect is “Unity”. Although the people are racially, religiously and ethnically diverse, we should stay united as one. We should care about each other’s welfare, especially that of the needy. We need to help orphans as they too, deserve our attention. Our little contributions will lighten their burden and brighten their day.

This is how it should be. When one cries, the other should wipe the tears. When one is lonely, the other should be the companion. When one is down, the other should cheer him up. The continuous support will eventually strengthen our bonds as brothers and sisters.

It’s undeniable that “Respect” is an important ingredient for a harmonious community. One way to show respect is to mind our manners. Wherever we go and whoever we deal with, we should always behave ourselves and keep our right attitude.

Treat everyone nicely and avoid using vulgar words or cynical remarks to convey a message. Know our limits and respect others’ privacy. We should also respect the opinions, rights, beliefs and decisions of others.

Finally, we must learn to build mental and emotional “Endurance”. When there are issues, we need to respond appropriately by sharing our thoughts and giving recommendations for solutions.

There’s no need for us to overreact. When there are changes or new policies to be implemented, we should not question them. If we disagree, we need to go through proper channels to suggest new ideas.

It has been 57 years since Malaya achieved freedom. Despite all the trials, tribulations and afflictions, we should continue to be grateful for what we have today.

Let us maintain our beautiful camaraderie while we pray for Malaysia to keep growing gloriously.

Muhamad Solahudin Ramli, Marang, Terengganu NST Letters 3 SEPTEMBER 2014 @ 8:09 AM
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