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Master English through practice

FINALLY, the Education Minister has announced and acknowledged the importance of the English language and its role in producing quality and capable graduates. Thank you.

However, I am puzzled why it is done at university level and not at entry level, which is the primary level.

We had a wonderful policy in place which would have shown great results by now. It was brought to a halt before it could even complete a cycle of its implementation.

English, just like any other language, cannot be mastered if there is only one subject. It also cannot be mastered if it is not practised.

Let Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) be reinstated. It is still not too late.

Let the co-curricular activities be conducted in English. This will help students to be confident in their communication and also improve in their interaction skills.

I hope the Government will do what is right for the future of our country. The right decision will be not making a U-turn on this English Language decision due to political pressure or by some groups who thinks that patriotism is via the language.

It saddens me to see all the other countries who were once behind us in education have moved forward and we are left lagging behind.

It also saddens me that we have the manpower in our country but we are unable to employ them because of their inability to speak English. Thus, the high unemployment rate.

We have heard all the reasons. We lack quality English teachers, children master Maths and Science better in their mother tongue, we have to protect the national language and so on.

We also had a group saying Maths and Science taught in mother-tongue languages can and have produced students with a good Maths aptitude.

I feel the real reason is ego. The inability to master the language should not be a reason to deny others the ability to master English.

We are lucky in Malaysia. We have so many avenues to practise and learn English and we have taken it for granted. English is widely used, yet it is not widely picked up.

Let us discard our third world mentality. Let us not associate patriotism with language.

Let us discard the so-called Unesco report. That report is for third world countries. We should think like a developed country to achieve a developed country’s result.

Once again, patriotism is not about the language you speak. It is all about the country and her well-being.

Her well-being is all about how strong her people are, how well they are able to handle the domestic and global community in terms of economy and their forward thinking.   Sarala Poobalan Kuala Lumpur The STAR Home > Opinion > Letters Saturday September 6, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM

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