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UPSR leak is ‘shameful’ but not surprising, says education lobby

News of the UPSR science exam paper leak does not surprise the Parent Action Group for Education (Page), as such leaks have been happening repeatedly.

Page chair Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said the leakage and postponement of the Science paper with codes 018, 023 and 038, was "really bad news".

The leak and postponement of the papers to September 30 was announced by the Education Ministry’s Examinations Board this evening.

Who's really at fault ... the people of course ....

The Education Ministry announced today that the UPSR science paper will be postponed to September 30 due to leaks. – The Malaysian Insider pic, September 10, 2014.
Education Minister II Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh even tweeted an apology.

"Every year, you hear of this happening. But the conditions set for the examination syndicate to endorse that a paper has been leaked is very, very stringent," Noor Azimah said when contacted.

"So because of that, people do it over and over again as they realise they can get away with it."

Year Six students were originally supposed to sit for the UPSR Science paper tomorrow. There are 472, 854 pupils taking the UPSR examinations nationwide, which began yesterday and were due to end tomorrow.

The statement from the Examinations Board said that questions from the science paper had been leaked through social media. A report has been made and authorities are investigating the incident.

Calling it "shameful", Noor Azimah said tuition centres were partly to blame as there was a rush to make their respective centres look good.

"This is a marketing ploy by tuition centres.

"You're giving a false impression to the child that he or she cannot do it without the papers," she added.

After this latest incident, the education activist said the Education Ministry had to re-examine its processes regarding exam papers and find out how they were leaked.

"And the culprit must be severely reprimanded so that it will stop others from doing likewise in the future," she added.

Noor Azimah also said she was puzzled as to why it had been postponed to much later.

"Why they are delaying it so late? That is a big question. They would have had back-up sets of question papers," she said.

Leakages of question papers in national examinations are reported almost every year.

Last year, a report was made after questions from the mathematics and additional mathematics papers in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia were allegedly leaked in a seminar.

But, police later rubbished the claims, saying that the questions were only forecasted ones. – September 10, 2014.   - ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH

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