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Down With Zionism


Dalam beberapa minggu lalu nampaknya imej Israel sedikit tercalar akibat tindak-tanduk dan ketamakan mereka mengundang kritikan dari sekutu kuatnya: Britain dan US. Ana suka mengikuti komen pembaca dalam yahoo news, ramai warga US yang menyatakan kebencian mereka terhadap Israel. Dibawah adalah salah satu komen:


We have given them loan guarantees, outright cash, military assistance, and hundreds of billions of dollars over the years, (the wealth of the last generation). Has Israel ever done anything for us?

Over the years Israel has fired on our ships and killed 34 sailors and Marines on June 8, 1967, conducted espionage against us many times and was revealed, and put themselves first in line for a handout at the senate appropriations trough every year like clockwork.

Who the hell are these people and why are we a hated nation around the world for our support of them? They take our money and build settlements and move in radical religious freaks to occupy them, and if we are able to negotiate them out they then bulldoze the buildings that we paid for?

The Palestinians are dislocated to the point of millions of people are ruled by a few hundred thousand with guns, tanks, planes and rubber bullets. It seems the Palestinians are putting up a fight with rocks and homemade rockets, this is lame.

The Palestinians can't grow crops because the Israelis redirect their water, they can't cruise to work because there are hundreds of roadblocks preventing commerce and the transportation of humanitarian aid.

The Palestinians are constantly subject to random searches of their own homes where they live in prison accordingly. The Israelis build walls and barriers, and usurp lands that are not the land of Israel, the Hebrew texts can be used to justify anything but religion is no justification for depriving millions of people from what is rightfully theirs.

Joe Lieberman is a waste of oxygen, if he were sitting before me now I would slap him upside the head myself. If there are roughly 350 million people in America and Israel averages $5 billion a year in allowance from America averaged over 40 years including military assistance then each person in America pays from their taxes directly to Israel $14 EVERY YEAR. That is almost $600 per US citizen over 40 years. I call it the Israeli tax. How does that make you feel?

Has anyone from Israel ever given you any money? We need to silence the Israeli lobby machine AIPAC, stop giving them any money, pressure them to remove themselves to the negotiated 1967 border and allow the UN to run Jerusalem for all of the world where there is a central location for three of the worlds top religions. Why can't the UN operate that area instead of Israel?

If this were the case then presto no bloodshed, no hate no strife no American involvement no Hamas! This of course will never happen because any Israeli has a tough time giving up anything right? Can I get a hell yea on that one--- So here we are as a country, stuck with a lame ally that sucks America and millions of Palestinians dry for what---

Dr Zainal Zakaria Kolej Islam


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