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UPSR English papers leaked, students to re-sit at later date

PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry confirmed today that the English papers 014 (1) and 014 (2) have been leaked.

Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh announced that all 473,175 UPSR candidates who had sat for their English papers this morning were required to re-sit for the English papers at a date to be announced soon.

"We have just confirmed the English papers have been leaked about 11am today and it is too late to postpone it like what we have done for the Science papers.

"We will try to hold it on the same day when the pupils sit for their Science papers or on another date not so far apart from Sept 30 ," he told reporters.

Idris urged the public to refer to the ministry's and the Malaysia Examination Board's websites for information related to the UPSR examination.

The ministry, he said, would also form an independent committee to ensure no more leakage in the future.

On why the Science paper had to be postponed to Sept 30, Idris said it would need time to print out the new set of questions and involve logistics to distribute the exam papers.  

New Straits Times Azura Abas | New Straits Times September 11, 2014
Tags: assessment, english, upsr

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