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Knowledge is to better ourselves

WE do not have to be geniuses to see that there is an abundance of knowledge that we can acquire throughout our lives.

We do not need to be constantly reminded that the learning process does not end with the completion of years in school and university.

Therefore, in every aspect, the function of our educational system is to deepen and enrich the knowledge that also comprises the multi-cultural integration.

By nature, we have different levels of intellectual development in every person. Hence, the Education Ministry should consider varying the existing rigid system from result-oriented to developing the confidence and skills of our students.

The system today makes our students only focus on memorising everything to pass the examinations and that truly is not producing intellectuals. Even though the memorising concept may get them through with flying colours, they may not be able to appreciate the knowledge.

This will lead to a deadlock and a loss of confidence once they face the reality or challenges in everyday working life.

Today, we have to be concerned of the incipient of the so-called “strawberry generation’”.

The existing educational policy fundamentally creates the segregation of students where the best will be glorified while the weak students will continuously be seen as weak and losers.

It is hard to move forward when the system merely emphasises on rivalry and the achievement of the individual.

Perhaps the ministry should remove the “Best Principal” award to avoid the principals from selecting only good result students to be in their schools, for the sake of their outstanding awards.

However, the materialisation for any kind of improvement will remain status quo if it is to “produce” by the same “production house” plays on the same approach.

We just cannot shy away from developing knowledge and skills to better ourselves. AMIZIAN AZLINA MOHD AMINNURDIN The STAR Letters September 26, 2014

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