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Restore credibility and confidence in public exams

THE Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah papers leakage has caused tremendous anxiety for both students and their parents.

A few suggestions or options have been offered by concerned citizens as to how to proceed from here, taking into consideration the credibility of the many examinations, which are set on our shores.

Despite some affirmative actions that have been taken to address the leakage and to restore the credibility of the Examination Syndicate and public confidence, the syndicate and its mother body, the Education Ministry, will have to go beyond just setting up an inquiry committee to probe what had happened and consider firm actions that will lead to the restoration of public confidence, failing which, the damage can be very far-reaching.

Examination leakage is a very serious matter as it can hugely tarnish the issuing body and render its certificates useless, substandard and questionable. To cause damage is easily done, but to restore public confidence and acceptance of the certificates are totally another thing.

We cannot discount the possibility that there might have been leakages before that has gone unreported, but this time around, because it appears to be on a bigger scale, the impact cannot be simply ignored.

As one who takes education seriously, I suggest either the students resit for all the UPSR papers as we cannot discount the fact that the leakage may not be confined only to the papers in question but also to the entire examination itself or to just sit for the papers that were found to be leaked if at all the power that be is confident the other papers were not leaked.

This is not the first time such incident has happened. In fact, it has occurred few times before, including the Certificate of Legal Practice leakage in 2001 which caused a serious dent to the credibility and acceptability of the entire examination process, starting with the setting of the questions and prior to the distribution of the papers in the examination hall.

I am sure both students and their parents are extremely upset over what has happened. On the one hand, students are upset that they have to resit the leaked papers, while parents are concerned about the mental and emotional state of their children who have to go through this unnecessary ordeal. It is going to be very rough and tough for both students and parents at this stage but we have to put the matter to right, so as not to cause doubt over the UPSR certificates. Much has to be done to restore public confidence and the government has to consider all necessary measures to put the matter to right. Dr Tan Eng Bee, Kajang, Selangor NST Letters 26 SEPTEMBER 2014 @ 8:09 AM

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