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Flexible and modular A levels

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT WITH NO COURSEWORK: Eighty per cent of Malaysian students who completed their Pearson Edexcel A Level and International Advanced Level qualifications this year will further their studies at the world’s top 50 universities.

Among the the tertiary institutions are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics And Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, Imperial College London, University College London, Kings College London and University of Melbourne, for the academic year 2014/15 intake.

Pearson’s Partner Markets, Asia head Steven McGill said: “We are proud of the Malaysian students for meeting the highest standards in global education. Now more than ever, our world is interconnected.

“To be successful personally and professionally, students must become ‘global citizens’ skilled at interacting with people from other countries and cultures, and capable of analysing and addressing issues from a global perspective.”

He added: “We are pleased they have chosen Edexcel qualifications as the platform to leapfrog them into gaining international education experience or studying abroad to build global competence. We take pride in developing world-class students for world-class universities.”

Quoting figures from the Education Ministry, McGill said: “Malaysian students studying abroad increased by over 34 per cent from 2009-2010, from 58,963 to 79,254. Out of the total number of students studying abroad, 28,291 are sponsored by either government or private institutions.

“From the year 2010 to 2011, the total number of Malaysian students studying abroad increased 13 per cent from 79,254 to 89,580. Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Egypt, the United States and Indonesia were among the popular destinations.”

Edexcel GCE A levels follow the UK syllabus while Edexcel International Advanced Level gives international centres the opportunity to teach a modular A level qualification, with June examinations.

From this year, new GCE A levels will be introduced for first teaching in September 2015 in subjects such as art and design, biology, business studies, chemistry, computing science, economics, English (language, literature, and language and literature), history, physics, psychology and sociology while in 2015, new GCE A levels for mathematics, geography and modern foreign languages for first teaching from September 2016.

Launched in September 2013, Edexcel International Advanced Level, which has been developed specifically for international students, features a flexible and modular structure, available in eight popular subjects and 100 per cent external assessment with no coursework.

University of Sheffield’s Southeast Asia associate director Tina Yeung said: “A levels are an established and recognised worldwide qualification for entry into some of the renowned universities around the world. For decades UK universities have accepted this qualification as a requirement for admission to their degree programmes, whether this is for something practical like engineering or a theoretical course such as philosophy.”

Cynthia Low, who studied Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications at HELP Academy Malaysia, said: “Edexcel qualifications are among the most established and popular exams in the world.

“As a result, I have developed a passion for mathematics and accounting. I intend to further my studies in finance at the London School of Economics.”

“I got great grades in my A levels, so I feel confident to move forward. I am enrolling in a BSc in Actuarial Science programme at Heriot-Watt University in Malaysia,” said Wae Yee Hew, who studied Edexcel International Advanced Levels.

Student Heng Ho Cheong said Edexcel qualifications are among the most established and popular in the world. “As a result, I am going to further my studies in civil engineering at Imperial College London.”

Steven McGill (second from left) sharing a light moment with Pearson Asia regional director Premila Paulraj, Cynthia Low, Tina Yeung and Pearson senior country manager Siva Prakash
ZULITA MUSTAFA NST Learning Curve 26 OCTOBER 2014 @ 8:00 AM
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