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Muhyiddin advises civil servants to think, act out of the box

SERDANG: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today advised civil servants to think and act out of the box, saying they should come up with creative ideas for innovative action.

He said they should be brave enough to challenge the status quo and move away from the conventional approach.

In this matter, the role of department heads was crucial in providing the room and opportunity for their subordinates to widen their horizon of thinking and come up with unique innovations, he added.

The department heads, he said, should also be more creative in providing various platforms for the generation of new ideas.

“This is to encourage the staff to voluntarily undertake reforms that could make their job easier,” he said in his address in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Department’s Innovation and Excellence Day here.

He said several approaches could be worked out by the department heads, like having brainstorming sessions, providing opportunities for staff to attend training and giving incentives and recognition to those who helped to bring about positive changes.

Muhyiddin said a positive ecosystem for innovation could promote the culture of innovation in tandem with the culture of excellence.

At the event, the Department of Islamic Development (Jakim) was named the most innovative department while the Malaysian Parliament was honoured as the leader of e-procurement and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Affairs Division, as the best responsible centre. – BERNAMA NST Nation 29/10/2014
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