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Tajuk filem ore puteh translate ke bahaso Kelate..

Tajuk filem ore puteh translate ke bahaso Kelate..

Hehe..buat hilang stress!

1. Sejuk ketar (Frozen)
2. Luruh awe (Skyfall)
3. Begomo di angkase (Star Wars)
4. Nok cari nemo (Finding Nemo)
5. Labbo (Spiderman)
6. Laju nate ni (Fast & Furios)
7. Jago angkaso (Guardians of the Galaxy)
8. Tempat setey ngaji (Monsters University)
9. Ite nyo demo (Men in Black)
10. Tok munasaboh (Mission Impossible)
11. Lagi la tok munasaboh (Mission Impossible II)
12. Soh2 tok munasaboh (Mission Impossible III)
13. Kato doh Tok munasaboh (Mission Impossible IV)
14. Tok leh nok kelik (No Way Back)
15. Nipu banga (The Hoax)
16. Cicin boh (Lord of the Ring)
17. Mapuh behe ko angin (Gone with the Wind)
18. Keno tinggal sore (Home Alone)
19. Sokmo keno tnggal sore (Home Alone 2)
20. Pah ceroh keno tinggal ! (Home Alone 3)

Hehe..buat hilang stress! via Norilah Ramli dated 08/11/2014

Tags: lawak

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