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Actions that presidents are remembered for

THE three greatest American presidents are known for profoundly illegal actions.

When Abraham Lincoln declared martial law, and began locking up journalists and possible enemies of the republic, he responded that he did it through the inherent power of the presidency. He was criticised far and wide for his inaction, and for the republic’s continued losses on the battlefield.

He appointed Ulysses S. Grant, a hard-drinking man of toughness, who led the republic to victory over the rebellious slave-holding states. Grant himself went on to be a bad president; but, while dying of cancer, dictated the greatest study of war since Julius Caesar wrote his account of how he defeated what is now called France.

THE three greatest American presidents, Lincoln, Kennedy and Obama are known
for profoundly illegal actions.

The executive actions that President Barack Obama has taken are overwhelming, from enabling stem cell research to bringing equality to the military. EPA pic

Go back 60 years from Lincoln, and the intellectually smartest president, Thomas Jefferson, illegally bought the French territory of Louisiana, more than doubling the size United States of America. Congress and the press excoriated him. But how else could the “light on the hill” have beamed across the world? People scream insults at us while lining up early in the morning at American consulates for visas.

When John F. Kennedy and his beautiful wife, Jackie, gave a dinner at the White House for all American Nobel Prize winners, a journalist asked the president when was the last time there was so much talent at the White House at one time. “When Thomas Jefferson dined alone,” Kennedy replied.

Barack Obama will probably be impeached in the next 27 months for illegal actions attributed to the inherent powers of the presidency. He will not be convicted because Republicans do not have enough votes, even while controlling the Senate.

The executive actions he has taken are overwhelming. From enabling scientific research, which Congress had prevented, on stem cells to bringing equality to the armed forces, and a few thousand other actions, have changed America more than the Tea Party idiots can even perceive.

The elections just held are, of course, important. But, newspapers and voters can be profoundly wrong. Some of you may recall that in this newspaper, a certain scribbler, a white American Protestant named Thompson, predicted in January 2007 that the young senator from Illinois would take office as president two years from then.

I think my beloved editor (now retired) at this paper thought I was off my rocker, as he supported Hillary Clinton, whom I had known personally and loathed (she was a roommate at Wellesley College, where the woman who was to be my wife for 15 years and mother of my three children, was studying.)

The president of the United States is now free. He only awaits the judgment of history. Chinese newspapers in Beijing are laughing at him, but it won’t be long before his revolution in healthcare and the landmark decisions from the Supreme Court, inspired by his example, made some of the most extraordinary decisions in the history of the court.

Obama has the power of veto over foolish legislation from Congress. Let us see if Congress can muster the votes to override his veto. On the present arithmetic, it will be very difficult.

Even at 72, I believe I will live to see Obama vindicated by history and added to the list of our three greatest presidents. His being an African American remains fundamental, and will have a profound effect on future interracial interaction in the US. Protestant whites like me are now in a distinct minority. In the past, Protestant men alone sat in the Supreme Court, but it has no Protestants at this time, just Catholics and Jews.

I believe Obama will now demonstrate his profound intellect, second only to Jefferson’s, in bringing immigration reform and extremely powerful American arms to bear on the conflict in the Middle East.

Concentrate, dear reader, on what Obama is doing, not what he is saying, and watch the third great American Revolution move forward.

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