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Good grades alone aren’t enough

A total of 455,839 students are sitting for the SPM this year in 3,655 examination centres across the country.

The examination will end on Dec 4.

These Form Five secondary school students have started their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations beginning this week till the first week of December.

There are no surveys to show that As students lead successful lives.

Major test: Students from Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid sitting for an SPM paper at the school hall in Alor Setar, Kedah last week.

The SPM examination is a major national examination for secondary school students and the teens are under immense pressure before and during the duration of the examination.The outcome of the SPM examinations paves the way for college and tertiary admissions.

Students who perform well are offered scholarships and grants to pursue disciplines in prestigious foreign institutions.

They are under tremendous pressure from their parents and teachers to score a string of As in their SPM examinations.

So this leads us to the inevitable question: does scoring As in SPM examination lead to success in life?

Many are under the impression that As in the SPM would open the door to a successful and lucrative career path.

Is the SPM examination a good reliable yardstick to measure and assess the intelligence and potential of a student?

Success is a subjective word and there are many doors to achieving success.

To some the SPM is a pathway to better things in life.

To others there are many routes to attaining success.

Those who score a string of As in the SPM examinations comprise only a small number.

The vast majority of students score mediocre results in the SPM examinations.

Some of these students go on to college and technical institutes to learn some technical and vocational skills.

Others join the workforce or venture into business and become successful through hard work, perseverance and self belief.

Getting all As in the SPM examination is not the pre-requisite for a successful career.

Not all who get As in the SPM examintion have become successful.

There are no surveys to show that As students lead successful lives. And there are those who did not do well in the SPM examinations who have realised their dreams.

The SPM examination is not a good indicator to gauge the intelligence of a student because the examination focuses mainly on rote learning and memorisation rather than on critical and creative thinking and learning.

Each of us has to discover and find the route to reap success.

Your future is in your hands. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

No matter what your results are in the SPM, remember it is not the end of the world. The sun will still rise tomorrow morning. Life goes on!

They are many who did not do well in the SPM examinations but have done well in life.

Some who did not even complete their education have achieved success and prosperity.

Academic intelligence alone does not guarantee success.

Creativity, good communicative skills, talent, passion, hard work, perseverance and a positive attitude are the pre-requisites of success in life.

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