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Lessons from rainbow

Even in the midst of an impending storm, something beautiful and colourful can emerge.

IT had been a long tiring day. One of those days when you just wonder what life is all about. I was waiting to pick up someone on the way back from work when it started to drizzle.
After a heavy rain

Pic taken from Segambut 13/11/2014 Using GT-N7000 Samsung

But the sun was still shining on the other side – just the perfect formula for a rainbow to show up. And it did. It was such a beautiful sight, and I quickly whipped up my smartphone to take a few images.

It was also a poignant reminder of how something beautiful can emerge in the midst of an impending storm.

Earlier in the day, I had been deeply moved by a reflection on Facebook posted by my nephew, a talented copywriter based in one of the top advertising agencies in Hong Kong.

He had titled his reflection, “I don’t feel like giving thanks,” and my immediate reaction was, “Hey, that’s not like him.”

He wrote, “Why should I when we had to watch my son cry the moment he wakes up? Why should I when he’s had to have his third surgery before reaching one? Why should I when he’s had to go through more general anaesthesia than I have in my 41 years?”

That sounded like dark clouds looming on the horizon.

And he continued, “In spitting out the whys, I realised why I should. In giving thanks, we realise how much there is to be grateful for, and then realise God has been present all this while.”

My nephew then shared about perfect timing, about the excellent but affordable healthcare in Hongkong, and about his son being attended to by one of the top eye specialists there, a professor who hailed from Seremban, his hometown.

What joy to be able to see the silver lining behind the dark clouds.
No one wants to go through trials and tribulations, but when we can see through the pain and the circumstances, we can, even in the toughest of journeys, be thankful.

I was lamenting about a tough day at the office, and also feeling a sense of despair that the long-term side effects of my treatment had become more pronounced of late.

But the rainbow reminded me that I should be thankful that I could still see, unlike a friend who lost his sight after treatment.

My nephew and his dear wife are going through a lot but it is admirable that they are able to give thanks in all circumstances.

What about you? Are you fuming that someone is diminishing your worth because of the colour of your skin? Or that you are not able to live out your faith fully because of some legal battle going on?

Don’t be. You just have to drop by a centre for children with disabilities, or the paediatric cancer ward. They come in all shapes and colours and you just have to be among them and their loved ones, as well as the doctors and nurses, to appreciate what true love is all about.

Our nation is also like that. You can choose to look at the searing sun on one side, or the dark clouds on the other. Or you can choose to look out for the rainbow in their midst.

Executive editor Soo Ewe Jin recommends that you read the reflections of two young Malaysians, Dina Murad and Hannah Kam to have your hope in this blessed land renewed.
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