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Deraf Manuskrip Panduan E-Dagang 2014

Today is Nur Aliyah's birthday. She's 29 today. Few years back I promised her a writing for her and my grand daughter Ummu Nazeeha. Ummu Nazeeha will 2 years old next year and as a grand father who has nothing in terms of wealth what could I give them. To date, I had 4 books and a module written and it would be nice for at least a book each for my siblings.

I started writing this manuscript about a month before Ummu Nazeeha was born, I had no idea on the subject matter but knowing Nur Aliyah should be teaching this in the polytechnic at the least a co-authoring may help her career. Though in Bahasa Malaysia, I do think it will be a good writing, a good source, a good scribling for the later generations.

One has to start from nothing, one has to act and not just thinking and talking; I have to act, I have to walk the talk. All sources are from books, journals, articles and not forgetting the dictionaries and the 'kamus'. All the terms are ICT and technical, I had to suit the writings. I may be poor in my languages (Bahasa Melayu and English) but I do believe and have faith in what I am doing. I believe Allah wants me to write, to share, to disseminate. All I can do is write and write and pray that the writings can be seen.

Allhamdulillah after about two years and on this day 25.11.2014, the same day my eldest sibling was born, I managed somehow to complete my writing and submitted he manusript to Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka at about 1.50pm to 1.59pm. My prayers is that it will accepted to be published, in sya Allah.

I am keeping this first, let's pray that it will be a success, in sya Allah. Time 9.12pm.

December 5, 2014, 10:13 pm, received WhatsApp message from NurAliyah. Alhamdulillah, the manuscript was received by Dewan Bahasa Pustaka for evaluation. Let's pray that it will be consider for publishing, in shaa Allah.

But where's the second writer's name and copy?

As usual Dewan Bahasa Pustaka has problem with this link

Rekod Pertanyaan Soalan
Bil Tarikh Soalan Soalan Jawapan Lampiran Tarikh Jawapan Status
1 05/12/2014
Assalamualaikum Tetuan, Pohon perhatian dan tindakan untuk membantu saya menyemak deraf manuskrip di laman dan/atau . Harap maklum. Terima kasih. Wasalam. Dalam Proses

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