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20 Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman I

Times have changed and so have the rules. Being a gentleman today does not mean laying your jacket over a puddle for women to walk over (unless you want to be labelled a nutter) or repressing your emotions in order to be seen as “manly”. So what does it mean to be a gentleman today? We lay it down for you.

1. Hold open the door open for anybody – not just women. Being a stand-up gent means being courteous to any person regardless of gender. This extends to offering to refresh a person’s drink at a party or giving up a seat to those in need of it.

2. Speak your mind. Being a gentleman means having the confidence to own your opinions. However, this does not give you the licence to be tactless or rude. Learn where the line is drawn.

3. Always dress the part. Taking pride in your appearance is essential to making a good impression. It doesn’t mean turning up in a suit 24/7, but knowing how to dress appropriately and smartly for any occasion. Refer to our idiot-proof guide on dress codes for more advice.

4. Don’t equate self-esteem with money. Money gives you security, but should never define you as a person. Regardless of whether you’re in a cushy job that earns you six figures or a fresh graduate about to embark on his career, your words and actions will always speak louder than how many bottles of Dom Perignon you buy at the club.

5. Don’t judge people based on appearances. Even if you’re always perfectly groomed, judging others based on their shape, size and clothing is crass and uncouth. If you’re stuck with a group of people who love nothing more than to pick others apart, refuse to take part and excuse yourself politely.

6. Improve yourself. A modern gentleman rarely keeps idle. Sure, he enjoys his downtime but you would never hear him complain about being bored. He’s always looking for something new to pursue, be it a new hobby or skill.

7. Be able to say “I don’t know”. Being an upstanding man, doesn’t mean being a know-it-all. If you’re caught in a conversation where you don’t know enough about a subject, it is fine to admit your lack of knowledge to the other party. It is MUCH worse to get caught up in a lie and subsequently revealed to be a fraud. Curiosity is an attractive trait.

8. Keep your nails clean. The same goes for the rest of you. Trim your nose hairs, keep your facial hair neat, go for regular haircuts and get your teeth polished. When it comes to appearance, good hygiene is half the battle won.

9. Don’t be a slave to trends. Just because drop-crotch pants are the new thing for the season, doesn’t mean you have to jump on the bandwagon. Know what your style is and stick to it.

10. Be a good friend. A modern gentleman is the guy that his friends can always rely on when they need a listening ear or rescuing from an emergency. And when he extends kindness, he doesn’t expect anything in return. Friendship isn’t about keeping score.

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