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Malaysians Who Have Become Famous On Facebook In 2014 … For The Wrong Reasons

I think sometimes, people forget that we live in a Digital Era and that we can’t escape no matter how hard we try. All kinds of information – good and bad, true and fabricated – right there at our fingertips, waiting for us to hit that ‘Share’ button, giving us the power to turn Neighbourhood Gossip into something that could potentially become internationally viral.
Malaysians are no strangers to some bad reputation when it comes to one of the most commonly used social media platforms, Facebook. And since it is nearing the end of 2014, this might be just the right time to wrap up the year with a list of Malaysians who have made it big and got their 5 seconds (or more than 5 seconds) of fame, for all the wrong reasons.

1. Kiki VS Uncle Sim

Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

Image Credit:

What Went Down:

A video footage of a minor car accident between Kiki and Uncle Sim drove netizens into a rage when Kiki was seen lashing out physically (using a steering wheel lock to bash Uncle Sim’s car) whilst yelling out racial slurs towards the apologetic senior citizen. Within hours this video had taken over the Malaysian cyberspace, and even provided us with countless hilarious spoofs popping up every hour.
Uncle Sim remained calm and forgiving through the entire ordeal and was convincing his son to refrain from making the matter worse. What enraged majority of Malaysians even more was that Kiki seemed to be getting favoured publicity, and that Uncle Sim wasn’t praised as much as he should have been for his level-headedness. This sparked another online debate about how the Malaysian media was glorifying the wrong-doer and setting a very low standard for fellow fame-seekers.

What’s Up Now:

Kiki pleaded guilty on July 22, 2014 at the Kuantan Sessions Court. She was slapped with a RM5,000 fine and 240 hours of community service. Selangor Perkasa then launched a fund to lighten Kiki’s financial burden. Shortly after, Kiki was presented with a Perkasa Membership Card and Certificate. Uncle Sim forgave Kiki and received nothing apart from the support of the people. This remains a very heated topic amongst Malaysians.

2. Alvivi

Image Credit: Image Credit:

Image Credit: Alvin Tan’s Facebook page

What Went Down:

Malaysia’s notorious sex bloggers Alvin and Vivian (Alvivi) have been heating things up online for the past few years, landing them in hot soup several times. Proudly posting up their personal sex videos, flaunting provocative images of their ‘bedroom escapades’, using their blogs to verbalize their sexual rendezvous in finite detail, boldly lashing out at the Malaysian government by picking on politicians and childishly toying around with religious sensitivity. These repeated actions that seem to bring the controversial couple much joy, have resulted in (what seems to be like) never ending legal charges.

What’s Up Now:

After being quiet and ‘missing’ online for several months, Alvin has resurfaced on Facebook and has gained quite a large following. ‘Alvivi’ has broken up (many have seen this coming) and in hopes to jump bail Alvin now seeks asylum in America.
It’s clear that with the book that Alvin has written, his notes on Facebook about his escape to the U.S., and his current Facebook cover picture that display 99% of his fully naked body, you can either admire or hate him for his guts.

3. The Puppy Killer

Image Credit: The Rakyat Post Image Credit: The Rakyat Post

What Went Down:

A 15-year-old boy heartlessly abused an innocent puppy to death by swinging it with its tail, then flinging it into the air and smashing it into the ground. This gruesome video and left everyone who watched it traumatised, insisting that the boy be subjected to the heaviest and harshest penalties you can think of. Animal rights activist Puspa Rani stepped in hoping to to educate to boy by taking him to her animal shelter to show him how the animals she rescued have suffered, and hopefully teach him love.

What’s Up Now:

The boy was arrested at his home and later released on bail. He was found to have come from a broken family and raised in an abused environment, which was suspected to be the cause of his violent behaviour, although not all Malaysians accepted that as a sufficient excuse for such a barbaric act.

4. The Bomoh and his Magic Carpet

Image Credit: Lowyat forum

Gotta love Malaysians’ creativity (Image Credit: SAYS)

What Went Down:

After the tragic disappearance of MH370, the World pulled together in any way they believed would help in hopes to bring back the missing Boeing 747. One in particular instantly became a worldwide sensation. Ibrahim Mat Zin, a Malaysian Bomoh, publically performed a ritual at the KL International Airport hoping that it could provide some answers about the fate of MH370.

Due to the bizarre nature of this ritual that was caught on video and went viral almost instantly, skeptical netizens around the world were all over it like a moth to a flame discussing the legitimacy of his efforts and of course creating endless spoof images of their own.
What’s Up Now:
Ibrahim Mat Zin hasn’t flown any other Magic Carpets since then.
5. Malaysian Airlines

Image Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

What Went Down:
2014 has been a rough year for MAS, with three massive incidents occurring back to back: the disappearance of MH370, the fatality of MH17, and the steward that sexually assaulted a passenger.
What’s Up Now:

Despite previously winning numerous awards from the aviation industry and holding a good track record of safe flights right up till this year, sadly MAS is now perceived by many as a ‘disaster-prone airline’ and has been working towards restructuring the national career hoping to pull itself out of this bad spell. However all is not yet lost because there are many Malaysians who are still pledging their support for the airlines.

6. The Nude Olympics

Image Credit: Ge13news

What Went Down:
The video that went viral within hours shows seven participants from Malaysia, four from Singapore, one from Philippines, one from India and two from Myanmar participating in the first ever Malaysian Nude Olympics (that we know of anyway). The event was held along a private beach in Penang, and the strict dress code was to “Birthday Suit Up”. Organizers Albert Yam and Chew Tok Hwa, along with six others were arrested.
What’s Up Now:
Organizers publically apologized and issued an open letter to the government, asking to be forgiven for their acts and claiming to never do it again.
7. The Spitting Director

Image Credit: The Star

What Went Down:

Alisia Thean (victim) was on the way to work and had honked at Khoo Kok Ann several times for repeatedly changing lanes. Images of Khoo circulated rapidly on social media depicting him getting down from his car (which he stopped right in front of the victim’s car on a busy highway), walking over to her vehicle, spitting on the windshield and bending her side mirror and wipers.

What’s Up Now:
Khoo was arrested within 24 hours and was brought to the Magistrate Court for his behaviour. If convicted Khoo will face up to two years in prison and RM5,000 bail for each charge.
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