kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Laugh To Start The Week


It's not what you gather but what you scatter that tells you what kind of life you live.

Advertisement In A Long Island Shop:

Guitar, for sale........ strings attached.


Ad In Hospital Waiting Room: 
Smoking Helps You Lose Weight ... One Lung At A Time!
On a bulletin board:

Success Is Relative. The more The Success, The more The Relatives.

When I Read About The Evils Of Drinking ... I Gave Up Reading

My Grandfather Is Eighty And Still Doesn't Need Glasses .... He Drinks Straight Out Of The Bottle.


You Know Your kids Have Grown Up When:

Your Daughter Begins To Put On Lipstick.. 
Or when your Son starts To wipe It Off

Sign In A Bar:
'Those Of You Who Are Drinking To Forget, Please do Pay In Advance.'


Sign In Driving School:
If Your Wife Wants To Learn To Drive, Don't Stand In Her Way....


Behind Every Great Man, There Is A Surprised Woman.

The Reason Men Lie Is Because Women Ask too Many Questions..

Getting Caught Is The Mother Of Invention.

Laugh And The World Laughs With You, Snore And You sleep Alone


The Surest Sign That Intelligent Life Exists Elsewhere In The Universe Is The Fact That It Has Never Tried To Contact Us.


Sign At A Barber's Saloon In Detroit :
We Need Your Heads To Run Our Business..


Sign In A Restaurant: 
All Drinking Water In This Establishment Has Been Personally Passed By The Manager.



via "Sharifah Khatijah Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Attas"



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