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Has your year been fulfilling?

A fulfilling life is not one chock-full of events, people and achievements but is about taking better care of your health and spending more time with loved ones.

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

IT’S wonderful to be able to see the sun rise and set, without any man-built obstacles in the way, from the same spot.

I was at such a spot in Port Dickson last weekend because I paid for a slightly more expensive room that stretches into the sea, allowing me an unencumbered view of one of Nature’s daily, yet unique, experiences.

In the morning, I saw the sky ablaze with bright yellow hues as the sun made its appearance from over the hills.

The moments passed, and soon it was fully day.

In the evening, my eyes trained in the opposite direction to watch the sun sink towards the horizon on a cloudy day.

The whole sky was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours.

On the long walks along the beach with my better half, we were reflecting about how fast this year has flown by.

But don’t we feel the same way every year?

Time, of course, cannot move faster or slower.

But the perception of speed probably has to do with the reality that 2014 has certainly been a full year.

For this year, I found that even the usually less-busy people I know were hard pressed for time.

I am thankful that I still do not need to check my diary each time someone asks me out for lunch or a cup of coffee.

The downside is that my friends wonder if I am doing any work at all, since I am so readily available.

For those whose diaries are filled to the brim, 2014 would be a full year.

But the question to ask is, “Has it been a fulfilling year?”

The problem with busyness is that the activities are never isolated.

You may step into a totally new place for a meeting, but you will still be thinking about the meeting before.

This is the kind of cascading effect that rolls into your family time.

You think you can leave your work issues at the doorstep, but you actually carry the burdens of work into your home as well.

We should not kid ourselves that we are able to manage our time so well that there is a clear demarcation line.

For that to happen, we have to make choices and set priorities.

A fulfilling life is not one chock-full of events, people and achievements.

It is about taking better care of your health, spending more time with loved ones and taking short holidays to relax and rejuvenate.

It is also about nurturing the good fruits in your life so that your character can withstand some of the most hostile challenges in the world.

Our busyness is not just about us. For those with supervisory duties over others, it impacts your staff in more ways than you can imagine.

As the year rushes to an end, it is normal to use up one’s leave entitlement and go on holidays.

But don’t treat this well-deserved break as yet another item on your calendar.

It will be more fulfilling if you truly leave your cares behind and enjoy the presence of your loved ones who are there with you.

Yes, it has been a fast-moving year for many of us, but let us pause to recall the truly fulfilling moments and seek to fill our days with more of such in the remaining weeks of 2014.

Executive editor Soo Ewe Jin loves the poem Leisure by William Henry Davies where the first two lines go, “What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

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