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Educators: PT3 format different

PARENTS should not compare the Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3 (PT3) with Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) as the examinations were not only conducted in different formats but also have different aims.

Malaysian Examinations Syndicate head of Policy and Development Management Sector Norzila Mohd Yusof said results of the inaugural PT3 showed it achieved its purpose of producing students with higher order thinking skills (HOTS).

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Malaysian Examinations Syndicate head of Policy and Development Management Sector Hajah Norzila Mohd Yusof

“The PT3 examination is accurate in determining the true capabilities of students.”

Norzila said the PT3 results would be used as a benchmark for HOTS and would be the base for students to pursue their studies in the upper secondary levels.

She said even though the examination was handled by the schools, the results of the examination should not be in dispute as the question papers were prepared by the examination board.

“The marking process was also carried out by the school. Teachers were given the scoring guidelines prepared by the board.”

SMK Sri Aman principal Datin Noorul Aini Ambak echoed Norzila’s sentiments, saying PT3 was different from PMR, and that she was satisfied with the overall results of students in her school.

“PT3 and the School-Based Assessment (PBS) have been great learning curves for students, as they equipped them with the right skills to survive in the real world.

“The assessment helped in nurturing out-of-the-box thinking, maturity and resourcefulness.”

Noorul Aini said the ranking of top performing schools were no longer valid since the assessments were different from one school to another.

“We can no longer compare which school had the best results for PT3. For example, 140 students of my school scored straight As for last year’s PMR and, this year, only four students scored straight As in PT3.

“The PT3 results are a true reflection of students’ performance as they are assessed in different aspects of education, such as cognitive, affective and psychometric.”

SMK Bukit Bandaraya principal Noraizan Mohamed said the PT3 results could be a benchmark for teachers to improve students’ performance in certain subjects for future PT3s, and other students who are in Form Two and Form One.

“Most students in my school could not score an A for Bahasa Malaysia in PT3. Many scored a ‘near miss’ grade of 78 marks, which is two points short of an A. Only 12 students scored an A.

“The grading scheme of PT3 is different from PMR. Even if students are getting Bs for some of the subjects, I would say it is good enough and the grades are a true reflection of their capabilities.”

Meanwhile, parents waiting for an official announcement of the overall PT3 examination were kept in the dark, with speculation rife that the results will not be disclosed due to poor performance.

Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) national chairman Associate Professor Datuk Dr Mohamad Ali Hassan said the analysis of the PT3 result should be made public so that any shortcomings could be rectified.

“At the moment, PTA members are clueless about the results. There should not be any finger pointing.”

National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) president Hashim Adnan said the union was surprised that the Education Ministry had decided not to made an official announcement on the PT3 results.

“This will cause the public to come to a conclusion that the results were poor. The ministry should come out and speak about the results.”

Adnan urged parents not to put the blame on teachers as there was insufficient time for them to prepare the students.

“The teachers were informed about PT3 in April and students had to register in May for assessments that began in June.

“Not only students, but the teachers would have had little time to familiarise with the system.”

Students who received their PT3 results yesterday told the New Straits Times that the method of assessment was good as it prepared them for challenges at higher learning levels.

Abdullah Farhan Aiman Azhar, 15, who scored 8As, said the examination was challenging but well worth the effort.

“I was upset over the limited time given to prepare for PT3. Fortunately, the teachers were supportive and we achieved our desired results.”

In Malacca, a cluster school in Banda Hilir, SMK Infant Jesus Convent, recorded a drastic drop in the number of top scorers this year, with only nine students obtaining straight As.

Its principal, Norizan Ismail, said this was a huge difference compared with PMR results in previous years, where about 60 to 70 students obtained straight As every year.

A total of 453,413 students sat the PT3 in October.

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