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Casual at school – with restrictions

SEREMBAN: After weeks of speculation, the Education Ministry has confirmed that students enrolling in Form Six will be allowed to use traditional outfits or other apparel as part of their school dress code when they begin the new term in a fortnight.

They will also be allowed to wear batik attire to school under a move by the ministry to “re-brand” Form Six.

Education Ministry director-general Datuk Seri Dr Khair Mohamad Yusof said schools can no longer compel Form Six students to wear a standard attire.

Male students will also be allowed to wear light-coloured shirts and slacks to school, but these should not have floral or other designs.

“Although they are free to choose the colour of their shirts, these should not have designs other than stripes or checked designs which are fine,” he said in a directive to all schools.

Although it was not stated in the directive, students can still wear their uniforms.

The slacks should be ankle-length and not tight.

They would also be allowed to wear belts but the buckles cannot be more than 5cm in size.

Dr Khair said despite the flexibility under the new rule, students are prohibited from wearing any attire made out of denim material.

He said apart from baju kurung, female students will also be allowed to wear long pants and two or three-piece pant suits.

They will also be allowed to wear blouses with sleeves, maxi dresses and skirts which were lower than the knee level.Jeans, cargo pants, shorts and leggings are banned.

To distract readers and the people from discussing the PT3 issues so they are ready with this ....

“The students will not be allowed to wear t-shirts when they attend classes,” he said, adding that female students would not be allowed to don tight attire.

Boys will be required to wear shoes and socks while the girls can only wear shoes that cover their feet.

Slippers, clogs and sandals are out.

As for outdoor activities, the students are encouraged to wear long pants or track bottoms and short or long-sleeved t-shirts.

“The t-shirts they wear should not have political, violent, vulgar or any negative images,” he said.

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