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NUTP to submit proposals to improve PT3 system

PETALING JAYA: The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) will submit its proposals to the Form Three Assessment (PT3) system to the Education Ministry.

NUTP secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said the union would gather information from students and teachers as to why fewer candidates performed well in the examination.

“We want to find out the root cause of the problem. Is it a problem with the system or human factors?

“We will gather the information and look at ways to improve PT3 or whether it should be continued and submit our suggestions,” she said yesterday. Lok said teething problems had been expected with PT3 as it was new.

“We are used to public examinations in which students rely on multiple choice questions.

“However, PT3 introduces a change in the way students answer questions as there is a need for them to be creative,” she said.

Lok said she believed PT3 was a step in the right direction, as it would train students to think more creatively and express their own thoughts.

Lok said the best solution for parents who were not satisfied with their children’s PT3 results was to speak to the teachers.

On the streaming process for the Form Four intake based on PT3 results, she said teachers should advise parents on whether their children are suitable for arts or science streams.

“The teachers know best because they are well aware of their students’ performance,” Lok said.

Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) head Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said it was time society moved away from expecting students to score straight As.

She said PT3, which demands students to have thinking skills and focus on research work, would further improve the quality in the education system.

“We are moving away from the usual memorising and lack of thinking skills. This is what many people have wanted for a long time,” said Noor Azimah.

She said the results announced on Monday were expected as the difficulties or problems were usually seen during the initial stages, noting that teachers and students only had three months to prepare.

“Like all policies, there will be a decline in results.

“We only hope that in the long run the teachers can understand the higher order thinking skills (HOTS) concept and can deliver it to the students,” said Noor Azimah.

She also hoped that students would not be discouraged by the results and the format introduced in the PT3.

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