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Whistle-blower: Protect those who reveal wrongdoing

THERE is a darker side to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) being implemented in government agencies.

Some are willing to go to great lengths to make it look as though all is hunkydory with respect to their departments.

Complainants are often persecuted to ensure KPIs are met

They would persecute and blacklist one of their own to keep a clean sheet.

This came to light recently when one of my relatives related an experience in a government hospital.

I asked this relative to write to the director of the hospital, explaining the nasty experience.

But the youngster, who is also a government servant, refused, and related what is really happening behind closed doors to ensure that departmental KPIs are met.

Some government departments would persecute their own, even if victimised, to ensure this.

They would go to the extent of investigating a complaint to ensure its veracity, complete the investigation, seek out the complainant and, if he or she is a civil servant, the complainant would not only not receive an apology, but would be black-listed as a troublemaker and his or her future would be forever blemished.

Those who know how the system works would abuse their positions with impunity.

They take advantage by being apathetic bullies at their workplace because they know that department heads who are weak will not only not take any action against wrongdoers, but are ever ready to blame the complainants to show that the department is clean of wrongdoing.

This situation must be attended to immediately. Perhaps the government could take a second look at what is actually happening on the ground, instead of emphasising on KPIs?

I myself have experienced the misdemeanours of hospital staff when my wife was hospitalised in a government hospital.

I wrote to the director of the hospital and this director did respond positively.

But, when my wife was re-admitted to the same hospital,the sad episode happened again. It’s a vicious cycle, or as many would say, “It’s the attitude. The end”.

I am willing to expose the details of what had happened to me, but what will happen to this poor relative of mine?

This person may be penalised for exposing the truth.

Tags: corruption, whistleblower

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