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Intan inspires English aspiration

WE refer to the letters “Intan missing the point, students not to blame” by Hassan Talib (NST, March 31) and “Consider suggestions by famous education pioneers” by Muhamad Solahudin Ramli (NST, April 6).

We are on the same page that while the proficiency of English is imperative in steering the nation towards internationalisation and prosperity, its mastery among citizens is on the decline.

We are of the view that concerted efforts are required in this regard.

The National Institute of Public Administration (Intan), as the premier institute for public service learning and development, is tasked with ensuring that civil servants are proficient in English.

Apart from conducting English courses, Intan ensures that English is used in public sector career development courses, especially its signature courses, Diploma in Public Management for Cadet Administrative and Diplomatic Officers at the foundation level, Advanced Leadership Assessment Programmes at the middle management, and Advanced Leadership Management Programmes targeting the top echelons of the civil service.

In addition, English is widely used in preparatory courses for officers selected for post-graduate studies, Intan Ministerial Talks, and Public Policy Lecture Series.

Intan acknowledges that synergised and holistic approaches are required to raise English language competency in the nation.

We believe that this aspiration is the responsibility of all, and Intan hopes that the journey towards English language excellence will be for the greater good of the nation.

National Institute of Public Administration (Intan), Kuala Lumpur The NST Opinion Letters 10 April 2015

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