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New system for teacher transfers

THE Education Ministry has come up with a new system that gives teachers a better picture on the prospects of their transfer requests.

It promises to ease the concerns of many whose postings have taken them away from their families.

Second Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said under the new “traffic light system,” teachers who had applied for transfers home will be able to see “the real situation” on their requests.

“Green marks options and schools which have vacancies and teachers can apply for them.

“If the appeals meet the vacancies, they will be given a green light,” he explained.

Idris said the ministry however, was not able to approve every teacher transfer request.

“We cannot place teachers in the state they ask for if their options are not available,” he said after presenting Excellent Service Awards to teachers, school staff and Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur State Education Department officials last Tuesday.

Bernama reported earlier that states with the highest transfer requests are Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu.

Kelantan topped the list with over 4,000 appeals from teachers who want to move to primary or secondary schools within the state.

Idris said the ministry was still looking for the best way to solve the problem.

“I was very moved when I heard stories of husbands not being able to be with their wives, and children with their parents,” he said, referring to comments on his recent Facebook post.

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said the system was a corrective measure for the teacher transfer problem, which has been going on for years.

“We need to give it some time. Don’t expect it to be 100% perfect yet,” she said when contacted.

Lok also stressed that priority should be given to more senior teachers.

Cases involving separated spouses or family members with critical illnesses should also be given special consideration, she said.

“But, if a newer teacher has an option needed by the school, I don’t see why new teachers can’t get the school they want.

“A Bahasa Malaysia option teacher can’t be teaching English, even though he or she wants to teach in that school. It won’t be fair to the students,” she said.

Lok was referring to allegations that new teachers were posted close to their hometowns while senior teachers were sidelined.

“Teachers can always come to us if their option is available and their transfer gets rejected.

“We will investigate the case and help them,” said Lok. Ann Marie Khor The STAR Home News Education June 7, 2015

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