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Top 10 most common types of fathers

WHILE we make a big show about honouring our mums on Mothers Day, fathers are celebrated with less pomp, even though they play an equally important role in raising us and caring for the family.

Since Fathers Day is just around the corner, the Metro Online team pays tribute to the dads in our lives with a list of our favourite types of fathers – and we’re sure you would know at least one of them.

1) The Gadget-Obssessed Dad

He was the one who clung to his Nokia 3100 when everyone else had switched to smartphones.

Now, he has the latest model and flashy upgrades to boot; putting your two-seasons-past phone to shame.

The gadget-obsessed dad gets told off over dinner for always having his nose stuck in his tablet, even more frequently than the younger ones.

These fathers are always in the “happening” family instant messaging groups.

They send dad-jokes, videos of cute animals and Internet memes. They are also known for their fondness of Candy Crush.

1) The gadget obsessed dad is constantly on a smartphone or tablet

2) The Trendy Dad

He’s hip, has a great sense of style and the latest rock albums by the hottest bands in his car.

He can hold a conversation with youths on the latest trends, be it cars, gadgets, celebrities or viral topics.

You’re proud to ‘hangout’ with such a cool dad and show him off to your friends.

2) The Trendy Dad - He’s hip, has a great sense of style and the latest rock albums by the hottest bands in his car. Youre proud to show him off to your friends.

3) The Fashion Disaster Dad

The opposite of Trendy Dad, Fashion Disaster Dad is stuck 20 years behind everyone else when it comes to dress sense, and prefers comfort over style.

He picks out the most obnoxious-looking ties which just have to clash with his wardrobe, or pairs jeans with slippers and a Pagoda singlet when out for a nice dinner.

But he’s so adorable, you don’t have the heart to tell him that bellbottoms went out of style in the 1980s.

3) The Fashion Disaster Dad - Prefers comfort over style and comes up with the oddest pairings, like baggy pants and slippers.

4) The Overprotective Dad

The dad who ferries you everywhere and makes sure you are right on the doorstep of your friends’ house or at your destination.

6) The Overprotective Dad - calls or texts you every 15 minutes when youre out to make sure that youre safe.

He is constantly worried that something will happen to you while you’re out with your friends, and will call or text you every 15 minutes.

5) The MasterChef Dad

There was a time when dads and cooking conjured up images of microwavable leftovers and burnt toast.

Times have changed, and so we have the chef dad — the one who dishes out amazing food for the family.

Many modern dads are whipping up a storm in the kitchen; sometimes even putting the ladies to shame!

5) The Cooking Master Dad - Gone are the days when the mention of dad and kitchen conjured up images of burnt toast and a mess.

6) The Intimidating Dad

Does not talk much, but his mere presence was enough to set you quaking in the knees as a child.

Even as an adult, you are still secretly afraid of incurring his wrath.

If he has a daughter, you can bet that he is every boyfriend’s worst nightmare at meet-and-greets.

father and son in law

7) The Handyman Dad

The Handyman Dad adopts a Do-It-Yourself approach and is able to fix everything.

Maybe it has something to do with growing up in an era where making a phone call to the garage was harder without cellphones.

These days you have someone for everything — plumber, electrician, technician — but old school dads will tell you that they were handyman extraordinaire in the house way before these jobs became mainstream.

7) The Handyman Dad - The handyman dad has a hands-on approach in everything and is plumber, electrician and technician all rolled into one.

8) The Nostalgic Dad

“Back in my time” is the Nostalgic Dad’s favourite opening line.

He likes dishing out advise and comparing how society and times have changed.

Nostalgic Dads often have a well of amazing stories and lessons to share.

He makes you appreciate how you now have a better life thanks to his perseverance and hard work.

8) The Nostalgic Dad - likes to tell old stories and compare how things were back in the days.

9) The Superdad

The model dad who works hard and still finds time to help out with the household chores, cooking and taking care of the children.

At the end of the day, he makes sure you’ve done your homework, reads your favourite story books and tucks you into bed.

9) The Superdad- The model dad who works hard and still finds time to help out with the household chores, cooking and taking care of the children. He reads them story books and tucks them into bed at the end of a long day.

10) The Driving Pro Dad

“GPS stands for Guna Pun Sesat,” scoffs the Driving Pro Dad. He knows the neighbourhood better than Waze and has a shortcut to places Google Maps can only dream of mapping.

He arrives home faster than you when departing from a place in different cars, even though his car was behind yours when you set off.

10) The Driving Pro Dad The driving pro dad knows shortcuts around the neighbourhood and arrives home faster than you when departing from a destination in different cars.

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