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New system for teacher transfers

THERE will be less uncertainty on whether a teacher’s transfer request will be accepted, thanks to the newly implemented Traffic Light System.

The system, which took effect during the June 2015 transfers, allows teachers to know their chances of being transferred to a certain state or district before they send in their requests online.

Education Ministry education operations sector deputy director-general Datuk Ahmad Tajudin Jab said there will be two colours - red and green - to show the possibility of teachers having their transfer request approved.

“This new system has proven to be effective and shows teachers how many ‘competitors’ there are if they are trying to transfer to a certain area,” he told reporters when announcing details of the new system on Tuesday.

Teacher transfers are carried out twice a year — in January and June, and involves transfers both within and between states and districts, he added.

“The Education Ministry has implemented this system into the e-GTukar Module as an innovative way to inform teachers of vacancies (in states and districts) and subject option needs,” he said.

Green, he added, means that there are vacancies while red means all vacancies are filled.

However, Ahmad Tajudin said, teachers can still put in a request for a transfer to areas marked red but their chances are very slim.

“Their chances will depend on whether there are teachers transferring out (of the area),” he added.

“The ministry has empowered and given the responsibility to the state education departments and district education offices to decide on the transfers,” he said.

The ministry, he added, will monitor the system to ensure it is carried out effectively.

Ahmad Tajudin also said that transfer requests still have to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) that is based on the MS ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.

“There are three main criteria — service needs, vacancies and subject option requirements — at the states and districts that will help determine the transfer,” he added.

It will also be based on a merit point system where certain criteria are allocated more weightage.

These include length of service, separation from spouse or family members, and critical illnesses.

Education Ministry schools division director Abdullah Mad Yunus said the traffic light system will also show teachers vacancies based on their subject options and will show real-time numbers. He said that Johor has the most number of vacancies while Perak has the most number of applicants as of June this year.

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Datuk Lok Yim Pheng said that the union has not received any complaints about the system.

She said the benefit of the Traffic Light system was its transparency as “teachers can easily see the number of vacancies in any location.”

“However, the real ‘test’ will be when the end of year transfers take place,” Lok said, adding that more teachers apply for transfers during that time.

She hoped that the system will be able to cope with the heavier user traffic that is bound to occur then.

The e-GTukar Module can be found at The STAR Home News Education June 28, 2015

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