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Not the job for the heartless

IT is very sad indeed to read in the morning paper that an Orang Asli schoolgirl from the Temiar community “... was allegedly tied, beaten and kicked by her teachers... allegedly for stealing money from one of the teachers...”

Imagine the trauma and pain the Year Four pupil had to undergo. Even if she stole the money, the teachers should not have resorted to such gangster-like means.

As teachers, their role is to nurture and develop students, especially primary school pupils who are beginning to learn about life. It is such heartless teachers who spoil the good name of the teaching profession.

They are not fit to be teachers. They do not understand the profession. They are probably the kind who see teaching as a last-resort job as they are unable to get other work.

A teacher does not only teach. A teacher must like children, love children and enjoy playing with children.

He/she must have the fatherly and motherly touch in order to be a good teacher. He/she must be able to handle children, and instil in them good values and respect for others.

When a teacher resorts to physical means like kicking and beating a child, then the teacher is not fit to become one. He/she has lost the respect of students.

There are other ways to reprimand a primary school pupil. If indeed she was the suspect, the teacher should have won her confidence, first by befriending her.

Then, slowly take her to the canteen and, over a cup of air sirap and a plate of mee, very gently ask her whether she has anything to do with the stolen money.

Find out her family background, and how much pocket money she was given to spend in school. With this caring approach, the young girl may open up and tell the truth. It was only right that her grandmother lodged a report with the Gua Musang district police station.

The three teachers must not be let off lightly if the police have a case against them. The teachers should be sacked. I don’t think Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was amused to read the morning paper.

He must be wondering what devil has got into their veins to turn them into demons. Hassan Talib, Gombak, Selangor The NST Letters 3 July 2015
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