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Let’s not be enslaved to smartphones

TECHNOLOGY has taken a toll on human well-being. Despite the long-term effects of the excessive use of technological devices, many people are obsessed with their gadgets.

Unless something bad befalls gadget lovers or their family members, advice and reminders will fall on deaf ears. Smartphones and tablets offer great advantages, but we should not turn a blind eye to their drawbacks.

Since the young are more exposed to the negative effects of smartphone and tablet use, it is the responsibility of adults to remind and them. Education starts at home.

Hence, it is vital for parents to teach their children the dos and don’ts in life. However, many parents would rather coddle their children and buy them mobile devices as they want their children to be sophisticated, trendy and tech-savvy.

Although this will create a win-win situation as parents and children make each other happy, there are health problems parents may fail to foresee.

Children’s inability to think maturely will result in grave repercussions. Worse, parental indulgence could lead to bad habits such as staring at screens all day and bad posture while texting.

Students taking a selfie in Mumbai, India, recently. Youngsters can be informed about
the side effects of smartphones and tablets through formal and informal approaches. AFP pic

American author Joyce Maynard said: “As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching to see what we do with ours.”

Parents should present a good example to children and ensure that they practise what they preach. This will make children admire, and emulate them as role models.

Youngsters can be informed about the side effects of smartphones and tablets through formal and informal approaches. For instance, workshops, talks and activities can be held in schools and varsities.

Teachers, lecturers and administrators should act as facilitators or speakers in the programmes. Medical experts can focus on the short- and long-term risks of being obsessed with gadgets.

In addition, case studies and incidents of users experiencing tragedies caused by gadgets may serve as evidence and eye-openers for participants to take this matter seriously.

Smartphones are invented by geniuses for smart people, who should control themselves and not be enslaved by such devices. Let us stop loving them to death, for, chances are, they will lead us there.
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