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Weed out rotten apples

TEACHING is a noble profession. Teachers dedicate the best part of their lives to imparting knowledge and moulding students’ character. Their invaluable contribution to society and the nation is immeasurable.

Of late, there have been a few unpleasant incidents that tarnish its public image. Though these are few and far between, we cannot take them lightly.

Raping and molesting their charges, physical abuse, making uncalled for remarks and such are perpetrated by sick minds. These give rise to anger and frustration among the people, particularly parents.

The unsavoury episodes have a deep and lasting impression on young minds. Though they may not express their feelings outwardly, the harm perpetrated will continue to linger in their minds.

They may even silently harbour contempt for the teachers concerned. This is bad for the students as well as the teachers. Such an unhealthy situation should be not be allowed to prevail.

Teaching is a calling, not merely a job. Candidates should be properly vetted before entry into the service.

I remember the deputy prime minister and education minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin once urging the Education Service Commission to administer psychometric tests to ensure a prospective teacher’s suitability.

Besides adhering to the minister’s advice, the ministry must weed out rotten apples from this highly respected profession. S. Sundareson,Petaling Jaya, Selangor NST Letters to the Editor 9 July 2015
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