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Reading, window to life

W Somerset Maugham once said to acquire the habit of reading is to construct a refuge for yourself from almost all the miseries of life.

It is true. Reading extensively is the window to the world, particularly when learning a second language.

The paramount question is “how many of us adopt this habit in our everyday lives?”

What I have observed so far is that learners are busy on social media. With new technology, we seldom have time to read.

Ironically, these are the excuses we give. This is a downside of technology.

As an educator for a decade now, I have seen the deterioration of the English language among students. I wonder if they can string a proper sentence in English without having sufficient word power. Vocabulary can only be acquired through reading various materials.

In my journey of learning English as a second language, I find that reading newspapers daily has been the key of my success. The newspaper is my morning companion. I allocate some time just to read the newspaper not only to expand my horizon but also to learn new words. Subsequently, it helps me in my writing.

In today’s school environment, I find that learners don’t read. But the question is how to cultivate the habit? Please don’t put the strain on teachers again. I sincerely feel that all parties concerned have to play their roles in nurturing this noble habit among the students.

At home, parents should encourage their children to read English materials. I have my own mini library where I can sit and read books which are on the shelf. Instead of spending money on buying gadgets to fulfil their children’s demands, parents should buy books and encourage them to read from young.

According to author Garrison Keillor, a book is a gift you can open again and again. Reading has tremendous power when it comes to fueling the development of language skills. It’s influence to the human life in this day and age is really undeniable. In essence, investing in books is considered as a life time investment. A lack of reading is one of the contributing factors to the deterioration of the English language.

Many of us can’t string a grammatically correct sentence. We also don’t have enough vocabulary due to our poor reading habits.

I strongly believe that it is high time, we, as educators, arrest the situation for our future generations. Children are made readers on the laps of their parents. At home, parents can set up a mini library for their children to sit and read comfortably.

Parents should buy books which are interesting to them. The possibilities of reading books are then higher. Pupils who read a lot seem to have stronger knowledge and vocabulary.

Your mind is the library of what you read. My humble request is to read books. The act of reading will enrich your life. Drink good coffee and read good books, it is something worthwhile to do. Sumiaty Muniandy The STAR Home News Education 12 July 2015

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