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NST turns 170: A front - row seat in the nation’s history

This newspaper turns 170 today, a long way from that inaugural July 15, 1845, edition called The Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce.

Initially published as a weekly, the Straits Times became a daily only in 1931, and remains to do so to this day.

Any study of this newspaper would be a study of Malaysian history itself, as given its very early start, the New Straits Times, as it is now known, has always had a front-row seat in every momentous and historical event the nation went through.

The Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce dated July 15th 1845.

Through the years, the New Straits Times has been edited by many of the renowned editors in the newspapering industry.

The newspaper owes its continued existence to them, their outstanding contribution, and often selfless commitment to the profession.

The New Straits Times has, and still is a newspaper that steadfastly sticks to its editorial role of helping society master its world. It shall continue to do so.

In conjunction with its 170th anniversary, several changes will be introduces soon to maKe the New Straits Times a more attractive and current journal.

Changes in the new media sector will also be introduced.
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