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Teachers are a committed lot

ALBERT Einstein once said “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. This saying is the embodiment of a teacher’s role in making a difference in every student’s life.

Sadly, do teachers really get compliments from the public?

Teachers are bombarded by many people who do not know what we are going through in life.

Of late, I have been reading comments about English teachers. Some claim that English teachers nowadays are not proficient in the language. I beg to differ.

I believe that there are rotten apples in every profession. Not all of us are incompetent with regards to English language competency.

After all, we are also the products of our education system. Some teachers do their best to give the best to the students in class.

For example, some young teachers constantly seeking my help and guidance when they encounter some problems in the language.

It shows that they are committed and willing to go the extra mile to learn in order to give their best.

Don’t be too harsh on us. As an educator for a decade now, I have seen teachers who sacrifice their time and energy just to touch the lives of their students. Some did and are still doing it, and do it at the expense of their personal lives.

In school, we teachers have our own KPI’s to achieve. I teach an exam class every year and I have to make sure my students in Year 6 get a pass or score well in their exam. With God’s blessings and a little struggle, I make sure my pupils get at least a pass.

The question is, if teachers do not put in great effort in their work, how do their students pass with flying colours. Evidently, there are teachers who have the passion and are also competent. I say this from my experience.

Nevertheless, we are open to the criticism as a way to reflect on ourselves. Don’t we deserve a pat on our shoulder for the job we do?

I feel we too need to rejuvenate ourselves rather than face perpetual negative remarks. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Our Government’s concerted effort to uplift the standard of English is very laudable. Programmes like “Native Speaker”, Professional up-skilling course (ProELT), Linus 2.0 are designed to help the English teachers to upgrade their competency.

Apart from that, we have various short courses. Suffice to say, teachers are being trained constantly.

Some teachers myself included have taken part in English conferences and presented papers. Do these efforts show that we take things for granted? Absolutely not. I am overwhelmed by these “real” teachers. But then, how many write about them?

As an educator, I would say that we teachers are in the profession for its outcome and not the income.

“A teacher affects eternity; one can never tell where his influence stops”, is a famous quote by Henry Adams.

Short lines with a million dollar meaning: “I am a teacher: It’s not who I am, it’s my passion, my calling and my world.” Sumati Muniandy Johor baru The STAR Home News Opinion Letters 4 August 2015

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