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Even the best education cannot buy good manners

THERE are three magic words — sorry, thank you and please — that make communication pleasant. Interacting with these magic words is inevitable despite different styles of communication.

But, when was the last time we said any of these words? Do we say the words sincerely when the situation arises? Nowadays, people hardly say these magic words in daily communication.

It seems that good manners have disintegrated from our society. Politeness, courtesy and etiquette have slowly eroded among us. I believe that one of the reasons for the communication breakdown in society is due to technology.

Despite its advantages, we have misused technology, which indirectly ruins our lives. People are no longer communicating as they used to.

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets have replaced so-called “humanistic communication”. Research shows that people check their handphones 150 times a day.

The increasing number of handphone users also reflects the number of social media users. What is happening in our daily communication?

The simplest is to thank people in online communication. The word “thank you” has been simplified to TQ or TQVM.

Even worse, some emoticons are used to replace these important words. In addition, the feeling of apologising is not being done genuinely. It is only real when expressed verbally.

However, we need to be realistic in expressing these magic words. Otherwise, the humanistic approach is no longer being practised in our community.

If we cannot practise these words among us, then our vision of being united as a nation will not be realised.

There is a big difference in the standard of morals between the present generation and the previous ones. We receive less courtesy, and being selfish and materialistic has hindered us from practising good moral values.

Though communication exists, the response to the needy is in egoistic ways. We tend to be less empathetic, not like before when people were helpful and sympathetic without considering differences.

For instance, by saying thank you, people may perceive you to have a warm personality. In addition, thanking a stranger makes for a good first impression.

Likewise, the word sorry delivers instant relief, and the person who says it has good values. It can be uttered as a magic word between war and peace.

However, the word “please” is hard to say, since we tend to take things for granted, especially in requesting people to do things for us. But, just add this word, and people will have a positive perception towards you.

Remember, good manners will open the door that the best education cannot. Dr Siti Mistima The NST Letters 13 August 2015
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