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Kevin’s job kept us safe but it got him killed; A courageous DPP keen on confronting graft

Kevin’s job kept us safe but it got him killed

Every now and again, something happens that requires us to press the reset button in our priorities. Sept 16 was one such day. We had feared the worst. We prayed for the best.

On Malaysia Day, we woke up to the terrible news that the life of a loved one had been extinguished. Kevin Anthony Morais was not just a deputy public prosecutor.

He was family. For many years, Kevin worked tirelessly to put criminals behind bars. He did this working for the government and for a modest salary.

His job was to keep us safe from those who decided to make breaking the law their career. Here, where I work, we complain about the exchange rate and the impact on spending power.

We never think about those who do their job with passion and a deep desire to uphold justice and end up being dumped in an oil drum in a godforsaken place.

Until Wednesday morning, we had somehow hoped Kevin would be found. When we last saw Kevin two weeks before his murder, his last words were for my son and to encourage him for his Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah.

Now we have to read about him in the past tense. RIP, dear Kevin. Your reward will be from God. Tony Pereira, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. NST Letters You Write 18 September 2015

A courageous DPP keen on confronting graft

The murder of deputy public prosecutor Kevin Anthony Morais, in such brutal circumstances, is a sober reminder of the danger under which incorruptible and courageous civil servants live and work to uphold the law, without fear or favour, in the larger interest of society.

Kevin’s life spent in the service of his country was an example of a decent human being whom, in my official contact with him in my capacity as a member, and later chairman, of the Advisory Board of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,

I greatly admired and respected for his competence, professionalism and his deep-seated sense of justice and equity even as he was deter-mined to confront corruption in our national life.

His briefings were a great joy to listen to, always carefully prepared and presented in that almost unaccented English. He had no airs and graces; serious, yes, in discharging his difficult responsibilities, but he was always careful not to take himself too seriously. He had great intellect.

He was so good at what he was doing that there was no need for any histrionics. I shall miss him. In paying tribute to Kevin and at the same time extending my condolences to his family, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the police for their professional and thorough investigation into this case.   Tunku Abdul Aziz,Kuala Lumpur NST Letters You Write 18 September 2015
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