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KIWI juice - for dengue fever


Something to share…

My husband and I just recover from dengue…….my husband symptom is a bit different from me……husband dengue symptom….high fever, shivering, nausea, rashes, body pain… while my symptom …high fever, vomit, shivering, body pain and bad rashes…… the biggest different is my platlet did not drastically drop but my husband platlet drop until 18 and doc do platlet transfusion…

…all advise from fren & family I try to help increase my husband platlet…..crab soup and etc but its not work (maybe not suitable for him) until one day one of nurses told us to drink kiwi juice….since both of us admitted …difficult for us to get kiwi juice…luckily during dinner time…the hospital serve kiwi juice for my husband and slice of kiwi fruit for me…..the next day….my hubby platlet increase to 82 and my platlet increase from 150 to 169….and the doc allow us to discharged….. actually I’m not really well…the next 2 days I do blood test again and my platlet drop again to 141……the doc quite surprise and told me if I still feel weak, she want me to admit again… husband bought for me kiwi juice and force me to drink….luckily after 2 days my platlet increase to 300….

Another fresh story…my husband’s aunty also infected with dengue fever….her platlet drop to 76….i bought for her kiwi juice and the next day ..her platlet increase to 170…..and doc allow her to discharge….

The reason of this email is to share the miracle of KIWI juice ……pls share this email with fren who has being infected with dengue fever…..especially kids…

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