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Don’t judge by academic triumphs alone

BILL Gates once said, “I failed in some subjects in an exam but my friend passed in all. Now, he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

Success in life is not determined by passing academic exams alone. Rather, success in life is determined by one’s attitude, principles and values.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Albert Einstein, the renowned scientist, Britain’s Sir Richard Branson, a self-made billionaire and Thomas Edison, a famous inventor, are among many people who do not have a university degree.

My point here is, don’t underestimate one’s ability if he or she is not a graduate or does not have any qualifications.

Some people have their own ways to succeed.

I have come across certain people who like to rub shoulders only with highly qualified professionals.

For them, hanging around with professionals is a great achievement and something to be bragged about.

They usually drop names of VIPs or professionals to impress others. So what?

Sometimes, I choose to be quiet and walk away from these self-bragging people who are senseless.

Every human has got his or her true potential and that does not mean that they can achievetheir goals through the academic path alone.

Sadly, some are still in self denial mode.

I agree that having a qualification is an added bonus and it does guarantee a well-paying job but people without it also manage to prove themselves in other ways, which they should be proud of.

During a recession, many graduates are terminated and become jobless.

I think those who manage to keep the jobs are more successful.

Being an educator for more than a decade, I treat all my students equally. Almost every year, I am given the last class where students are academically weak or a class with underperforming students.

Many teachers may frown upon teaching the last class, but I feel there is a hidden joy in teaching the “weaker ones”.

And I accept it with open arms.

There are different ways of handling these students.

Mind you, some of them are really good at sports, and as educators, we must tap their talents and let them shine.

Some parents have this mindset of comparing their children with others.

Coercing their children to compete with others so much so that it has become a rat race. This is because the students chase after grades, rather than developing their full potential. Why should we compare our children with others? They each have their own strengths and limitations.

We should not be judgmental and look down on others just because they don’t excel in their studies.

I have come across some people who without qualifications have attained wealth and success.

So, how do we categorise them?

They toil hard and set up their own business despite the shortcomings.

Perseverance and sheer determination play a key role.

Instead of brooding for being school dropouts, they shine and show their hidden talents.

We need to discard the “only I am right” attitude.

We also need to reflect and see what we have achieved so far, before passing judgment on others. Many a time, I have noticed that people who like to sing their own praises are the ones who haven’t achieved anything in life.

As the saying goes, empty vessels make the most noise.

Let me end with what Bill Gates said: “Be kind to the nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working with one or under one”. Sumati Muniandy Johor The STAR Home News Opinion Letters 04 October 2015

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