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Finally they made it ...

I was browsing around the walls of friends on Facebook, when I spotted "2 days after 8 years of waiting." I quickly pull-off a response by writing-up, "wow, you sure are very patient, and best wishes." And true enough, 2 days after the statement was written the 'friend' was solemnly pronounced as 'wife and husband'. Congratulations, to the couple and I soon found out that I was invited too.

I was obliged to attend to the inivitation, and the first ceremony was the 'Majlis Berinai' held in Lembah Jaya Selatan in Ampang. But it's all in the hands of Allah, I was strucked-by headache and flu. I went-off early that November 20th, 2015 and I missed the historical occassion but it doesn't not stopped me from trying for another visit on the 21st November, 2015.

The couple I'm referring to ....

As early in the morning of the 21st November, I woke up as usual but my mind's still on today's occassion, I was quite relax actually as I had 2 personal experienced before and with the flu attacking it looks like I am restless. We had promised to make our move at 8.30 am but again it's the Malay way of 'time concious', so just for sharing, should you want to start at 8, please tell your members to come at 7 or 7.30, it must always be half an hour or one hour earlier.

And for this, we made our trip at 9.15 am, as the others was told to moved straight to the place. My wife and I purposely moved out at 9.15 am, and hoping that the traffic is clear as Barrack Obama was heard safely landed in Kuala Lumpur for another visit. Obama or no, my mind's only at Masjid Al-Aman, Ampang. By hook or by crook , we must be there 10 minutes before 10. And alhamdulillah, we reached Asjid Al-Aman, Ampang as planned and relatives were there ahead of us.

We packed out the 'bontrots' and placed them inside the mosque and quickly matched the 'bontrots' from the side. It goes by 7 from us, and 9 in returned. The idea is not to compare or telling others that we have less or we have more, it's just something the culture calls for. The gifts will still be given to both parties, so no matter what, it's still goes to the lawful couple.

Arrangement is important for photo session

Again as at 10.00 am, the cleric was seen talking to the relatives of the couples, and not until 10.15am the sermon was heard. The cleric quickly told the crowd of what's marriage all about especially to the 'would-be couple'. A short practice on the 'climax' moment was also rehearsed.

Sent by Muhammad Amir Azizi on 23rd November 2015

Welcome to the family 'daughter-in-law'

Some advise and jokes were put up by the cleric and alhamdulillah as at 10.24 am dated today the couple were pronounced man and wife.  Thank you relatives and friends who had made the day for us and family. And there goes another one of my siblings, congratulations and may you be blessed by a wonderful wife and may you live happily ever after. In syaa Allah

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