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Students overcame fear to speak in public

WHILE the long school break provides an opportunity for students to unwind by taking a vacation with their families or spending time on their hobbies, it is also a perfect time for them to join programmes that benefit their wellbeing and future.

They may attend tuition, music or martial arts classes, or participate in fun activities that develop their confidence, thinking skills and passions.

I was thrilled to have participated in the Mega Trenglish Camp (MTC) for three days, and I would love to share my experience as a teacher in-charge of the programme attended by 175 Form Four students from Terengganu.

They not only came from different types of school but were also of different religions, races, social backgrounds, levels of English proficiency, personalities and talents.

The aim of the programme was to promote English among students, develop their creative and innovative skills, forge bonds between teenagers with different stories of life, bridge the gap between the well-off and the underprivileged, and teach students about the importance of teamwork, knowledge, unity, respect and having goals in life.

I was surprised to see many participants sharing ideas and experiences during every session. With encouragement and help from newfound friends, they overcame their fears and anxiety to speak in front of an audience, despite having difficulty in choosing the right words to convey meanings.

With an ice-breaker and team- building activities, they mixed easily and built camaraderie, not only with team members, but also with the rest of the participants and facilitators.

Their eagerness to ask questions during sessions with speakers proved their interest, confidence, concentration and curiosity about issues, especially relating to ways to succeed in their studies and careers.

This positive attitude and feedback show that learning experiences are more meaningful and joyful if the right approaches and strategies are applied.

Not only has MTC helped participants make new friends, but it has also been a physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally healthy programme that benefits the students.

I hope that government or non-governmental bodies will conduct such programmes that focus on discipline, leadership and motivation to learn and improve communication skills, especially during the school holidays. MUHAMAD SOLAHUDIN RAMLI, Marang, Terengganu NST Online 1 December 2015
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