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Well-dressed teachers suited for the job

THE late American author John Henrik Clarke said: “A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, and then he can teach his lesson.”

He is right and I can relate with my own experiences.

I developed an interest to read books in Bahasa Malaysia, although I was more comfortable reading English books.

Looking back, I considered the writers as my mentors.

When we are attracted to a teacher, we are inclined to like the subject that he teaches. I believe that being a great teacher is a constant struggle to keep improving.

Teachers must have qualities that are different from others. They must have a passion for teaching. Some teachers may think that change is threatening.

Most of the time, we expect students to change for the better, but many times, we forget to change ourselves. It has to be a two-way street. What about self- reflection?

The failures and the triumphs in a classroom should be analysed.

Some people argue that a teacher’s dressing influences students. I used to admire teachers who dressed like the stars. They followed the dress code but the way they carried themselves inspired me.

Having a good dress sense gives students a head start in the classroom.

Teachers may become the objects of students’ adoration. In the past, English teachers were known not only for their up-to-date dressing but also for their flawless grammar.

Sadly, the situation is not the same anymore.

While I agree that teachers are not in school to participate in a beauty contest, there is nothing wrong with investing in nice clothing and being a bit fashionable to influence our learners with a good intention.

I have heard students comment that the dressing of some teachers is nothing to shout about. Some wear faded dresses, over-sized clothes and there are those with unkempt hair, tattoos, piercing and heavy make-up.

What do students take away from these teachers?

Some people could argue that dressing is an individual thing and cannot be associated with students’ performances.

Be that as it may, teaching is a noble profession and teachers should be remunerated adequately so that it will be shown in their dressing.

Let’s dress up well and hold the attention of our students. SUMATI MUNIANDY, Johor Baru, Johor NST Online 1 December 2015
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