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Your gift to your kids is to spend time with them

THE most anticipated time of the year for students is here. Schools are closed till Jan 3. Students may release themselves from education commitments and have plans to occupy themselves during the break.

Some will take a trip to either a local or overseas destination, some will participate in programmes organised by non-governmental organisations, such as camping and motivational workshops.

To all parents, please make sure you have planned activities for your children. This is the best time to be with them since they are free.

There are parents who always send their children to visit the grandparents.

They think that children will enjoy the activities in their hometown. However, without realising it, this may burden the grandparents. As a parent, our role is to be with them.

The most valuable present for your children is your time with them. Take leave and enjoy these moments with your family. During the school holidays, most television channels air movies and cartoons.

The programmes may be suitable but it will be great if children watch television programmes that can boost their self-development. I remember watching informative television programmes during my school holidays.

They included subjects like house cleaning, time management and interpersonal communication. Such programmes can develop students’ behaviour and attitude.

A trend faced by many parents is their children being too attached to their gadgets. It is not wrong to allow them to play with electronic devices but this must be controlled.

Furthermore, parents should be wary if children want to hang out with their friends. According to a survey conducted among residents of a drug rehabilitation centre in Malacca, 27.8 per cent of children agreed that lack of attention from their parents led them to getting involved in drug abuse.

Last but not least, use the time with your children as time flies so fast. Do not tell them that you are busy with your work. Remember your loved ones. They deserve quality time with you.

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