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Teachers must be good enough to teach

Sunday June 6, 2010 Teachers must be good enough to teach

I REFER to “Beyond computer literacy” (Sunday Star, May 30) and “Spacemen would likely speak English” (The Star, May 24). The Government has invested a huge amount of money to nurture young minds and prepare them for the competitive world. .

However, most of our teachers don’t seem to have good computer skills, and their command of English is poor. Their frequent reply is: “Sorry ar! Teacher doesn’t know how to use computer ar!”

In schools, we have the Access Centre and Library to do research. Often the computers are not operational. Teachers are responsible for ensuring a good classroom environment and preparing the learning process by facilitating and enhancing students’ use of technology. But then, how well-equipped are they in the first place? In today’s world, English has been recognised as an international language, but our teachers’ command of the language leaves much to be desired.

Most speak a mixture of mother tongue languages like Bahasa Melayu, Chinese or Tamil. Even among the teachers themselves, they seldom converse in English!

Some principals and teachers say they use rojak language so that the students understand what they try to convey. The sad truth is that they themselves do not know how to express certain words in English. The Government should promote and encourage the use of English in schools so that future generations would truly have the competitive edge. Teachers must be competent in the language and also be equipped with the latest ICT skills so that they can be truly referred to as “teachers”. Sadly, most of them are not even good “students”.



Source : The STAR News ~ Opinion

p.s. I most welcome this article, as this is the true fact indeed. A common scenario in 'teacher academic institutions of Malaysia'. The alarming status is that the rankers of helm, the so called senior lecturers, the 'excellent award recipients' , the high graders and worst the trainers of Intel/Bestari program (to name some) are the one who are considered the 'not even good students'. But they are the one who will portray themselves the 'wonders' ...

All the blemishing portrayals are clean-up by untruthful reports, lying notes but yet acceptable thru a very devilish schemings. They can be consider the understudy of the 'jews' as they can, and to the extent provide false written documents. How can these people be called or calling themselves knowledge trainers whereas they know they are not to the standard and yet calling for high wages and status.

All this maybe because 'fish rots from the head' .....
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