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Trustworthiness is the best arrangement – Azizi Ahmad

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Getting the respect and be appreciated are two things to be earned. Anyone can be respected and appreciated if they instilled and maintained integrity and are accountable of their doings. When you are respected and appreciated everyone will listen and follow you.

Many of those holding positions, title and power tend to sway their understanding for authority. The best pioneers don’t lead from position or power. Administration title given is not the position for power. Whatever title given does not make you the best pioneer. Though the title makes you the ‘head’ it does not mean you can lead, but more of easing up the work and facilitate the job and task.

Know four simple things: a leader is someone who has followers; popularity is not leadership, results are; leaders are highly visible, they set examples; leadership is not rank, privilege, titles or money, it is responsibility.

It is advisable not to instruct or giving orders to colleagues when you are having the title, the position and the said power. It makes individuals to wait for command and control to finish up job task. Demanding from others show negative responds.

One who tries to be bossy will undermines the development of relationships, crushes the human spirit, results in compliance, frustrates creativity and innovation, erodes trust and produces mediocre results.

Driving from position and utilising charge and control results in languid "initiative". The individuals who lead from position don't contribute the time and vitality required to build up a mutual vision, to encourage purchase in, to persuade and rouse others. The individuals who lead from position tend to hole up behind organisation process and methodology, clarifying why either isn't possible.

When we see initiative as position and power, we botch authority as being about control. Actually administration is about opportunity.

Authority is our reaction to opportunity, it's the choice to acknowledge moral obligation to realise positive change. It's a decision that we all need to make.

A good administrator need not bother with the title or position given. A competent "head" is not dependant on position, title or power; it's reliant on the activity of unrestrained choice.  They don’t misuse their position; rather they move and persuade others to act in ways that accomplish a mutual vision.

It is advisable for anyone not to boast of having a know-it-all demeanor as it will procure the dissatisfaction with those you are intended to work with. Be willing to tune in, learn, and develop in your capacity, and the individuals who are tailing you will do likewise. Individuals will be additionally ready to listen to your supposition, and keep a receptive outlook while handling troublesome issues. Show and share whilst accepting opinions of others will help.

Nobody will support you if they don’t like you. It’s a typical truth. Have entry way dealings. Make them want to work together and inspire them to work for the best result. Everybody buckles down for individuals they regard and think about. In the event that you demonstrate to those under you that you genuinely regard and think about them, they will tail you anyplace.

You can't request regard any more than you can purchase it. Admiration is earned. Being conscious to others is the speediest approach to win that regard. You won’t get anything you're not willing to give. On the off chance that you are aware of individuals' assessments, hypotheses, and thoughts, they will be deferential of yours, regardless of the possibility that it's coming as headings. When you regard others, and they regard you consequently and it's less demanding to rouse them enthusiastically.

When making mistakes, be accountable for it, ready to admit and take the responsibilities and not condemning others. Cover up for your colleagues and you will see how quickly you earn their respect. At the same time it’s important not to take credit for all the glory but to deflect the spotlight to your team. Any successes should be shared and your failures should be singular. The captain goes down with the ship and any head coach on a losing team is the first one to go. Hold yourself to higher standards, and admit your faults.

Being open about what is happening in the workplace will acquire the trust of those working with or for you. Imparting objectives, due dates, thoughts, and desires make for a significantly more pleasant workplace. On the off chance that the group recognises what the pioneer needs to succeed, it's less demanding to satisfy those necessities. In the event that somebody on the group is battling, open up to him or her about how they are getting along, and how he or she can move forward. On the off chance that an undertaking is slowing down, tell the group what the issue is. Letting your group in on the objectives of the organisation can rally your group into individual undertakings. In the case of something turns out badly, impart the data to the group.

Trustworthiness is the best arrangement, particularly with regards to winning the admiration of other. –   * Azizi Ahmad reads The Malaysian Insider.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer, organisation or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insider.

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