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The noble profession

I AM writing in response to some of the letters published in The Star where ethics and the professionalism of teachers was questioned. It is indeed disheartening to read about some bad apples in the profession who have ruined the image of the noble profession.

Gadget-friendly teachers who are glued to their smart phones and tablets, teachers who prefer to show their loyalty to the tuition centres which employ them, teachers who show minimal involvement in classrooms and teachers who prefer to please the administrators rather than their charges in the classroom are not uncommon these days.

How about teachers who display their emotions in class?

I remember asking a seven-year-old about her teachers and was left flabbergasted by her response.

She said she didn’t like any of her teachers except for one. Asked why only one, she said she was the only teacher who smiles while teaching!

Is it the impact of the ever growing work pressure a teacher has to endure or is it a case of mere absence of interest and dedication?

Teaching is one of the least appreciated professions I would say, as a teacher’s hard work is seldom recognised or judged fairly.

When a student succeeds, the credit goes straight to the student and parents.

However the blame falls squarely on the teachers’ shoulders when the student fails to excel. Teachers, students and parents need to work together towards attaining the desired results. So, be it success or failure, it needs to be shared equally by all parties.

Teaching is a unique profession with multiple facets which only the fittest can handle.

The work pressure a teacher needs to endure in his line of work is difficult to be understood by those outside the sphere.

However if one has decided to choose it as their profession, then they must show a certain degree of commitment and involvement.

Teachers are condemned and ridiculed when these elements are missing. It’s not easy to meet all the demands of the ever challenging profession, especially now, with the transformation it is going through.

Introduction and implementation of new policies has made teachers spend more time doing paper work rather than teaching.

The introduction of e-learning and a string of all the other “E’s” are supposed to lessen the burden of teachers, giving them more time with their students.

Unfortunately it is not the case in reality. The workload of teachers has increased tremendously over the years and the demand has become unrealistic.

The “E-fever” is consuming much of their precious time with their students.

Teachers are robbed off their time as a result of ill planning and execution of the policies.

It is made worse by the rampant existence of little napoleons who implement rules and regulations as they please without realising the objective and true essence of the policies introduced.

A teacher’s work scope has inflated and many are beginning to unfurl the white flag.

The increasing number of teachers leaving the profession and the huge number suffering from mental as well as psychological issues are red flags which begs for immediate attention.

The situation is made worse by some ambitious and impatient administrators who take pleasure in making the lives of teachers more miserable by constantly issuing direct and indirect “threats”.

Teachers are often caught between fulfilling their moral obligations and being submissive and obedient to their superiors as at the end of the day, a teacher’s fate is decided by his or her immediate superiors.

Though it’s an individual choice, a teacher has to decide where to place their dedication and loyalty to.

Students are the best judges, they do remember each and every word uttered by their teachers, they evaluate a teacher by the display of commitment and involvement rendered.

Teachers are often afraid of being judged by their superiors (which could eventually affect their personal and professional advancement).

I think that they should be more alarmed by the judgement given by their students and the moral consequences it may cause.

Make the right choice. SR2 Tampin The STAR Home News Education Sunday February 7, 2016

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