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To Teacher with love

Cikgu Suriati and her colleagues are amazing. They are teachers in a rural primary school. It’s not very rural, but it’s within a kampung setting.

The school has an oil palm estate as its immediate neighbour. In the background, however, is the Titiwangsa mountain range, which gives the school a rather majestic setting. It has a football field, fully utilised not just by the school, but the kampung folk as well.

I visited the school a few days ago on the invitation of Abdul Latif, the chairman of the parent-teacher association (PTA).

Cikgu Suriati teaching pupils in a rural primary school. The pupils will sit the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah in a few months.  

He and Hajah Norisah, the penolong kanan, took me on a quick tour of the school premises, which was revealing to say the least.

One interesting fact about the school concerns the teachers. It has 24 teachers, 22 of whom are women.

It has no headmaster yet, but the penolong kanan seemed to have got everyone in the school excited.

At 1.30pm, a group of pupils entered a classroom.

Upon enquiring, I was told they were Year Six pupils attending tuition. This is not extra class mind you, but tuition.

Cikgu Suriati was teaching that day. The pupils will sit the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) in a few months. A group of four teachers has volunteered to teach these children because they all want to see better results.

Echoing her penolong kanan, the teacher said: “Every one of us wants to see the school do well. We teach several subjects.

We stay back after school and teach key UPSR subjects. “The children, too, would stay back. They have some snacks in the canteen or eat whatever their parents provide.

We, too, take a short break and start teaching for one hour from 1.30pm. As teachers, it gives us a lot of satisfaction to see these children responding by attending the classes.

“We must praise these children. They want to do well in their studies. We don’t have much in terms of support, but my colleagues and I are very determined to see this thing through.”

Latif gave a short testimony of the teachers’ and pupils’ determination to do well. During the recent Chinese New Year holidays, the teachers conducted tuition every day.

Only six of the 24 pupils failed to turn up. As we all know, school was closed for more than a week. Everyone could have packed their bags and gone to the beach, balik kampung or take a short break to somewhere.

But they didn’t, and that is something worth supporting. The school is in Behrang, a village about 15km from Tanjung Malim, the town that is home to pau Yik Mun and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Cikgu Suriati teaching pupils in a rural primary school. The pupils will sit the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah in a few months.

Nearby is Proton City, where Proton assembles and makes cars.

The national institute of Land and Surveys is also nearby. There is one aspect about the school that is quite puzzling.

This school has no fixed line telephone. It seems that this has been so for several years already!

How do the teachers communicate with the outside world, I asked. Hajah Norisah said: “We use our mobile phones.

The service here is erratic. Some of us have to change service providers if we want to use our mobiles.”

This is sad, indeed.

The PTA and school administration are trying to get help from the authorities.

It’s also a question of village leadership. But the new head of the school, in the form of the penolong kanan, is not about to be beaten by this setback.

Together with her band of sister-teachers, Hajah Norisah relish the challenge to get the school noticed for the right reason. If any kind readers wish to help the school, please email me.

There’s plenty that can be done to support the teachers, pupils and parents. Let’s do our part!
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