kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Single ladies unlucky in love because of mindset

WHY are single and successful women unable to find a man to marry and settle down? Love does not come easy for women because they outnumber men in Malaysia.

Since the number of men is limited, they are spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for a mate. Many women put off relation-ships and marriage, and pursue tertiary education and career advancement.

There is a season for everything and when women put off marriage and focus on their career, they may miss the marriage boat. And, when a woman has achieved her dreams of being educated, successful and independent, she may find it harder to find a partner because of her age.

It is difficult for a woman in her mid-30s to find a man.

Success, power and position mean nothing when you do not have someone to share it with.

Eligible men are usually married or taken. This is exacerbated when highly educated and successful women look for partners who are of equal status in terms of education and success.

Women who are successful and highly educated are picky.

There have been cases where women in high positions marry men lower than them in terms of their education level and earning power.

Generally, most women are not willing to lower their standards and share their life with men who are not on equal terms with them.

For most Indian women, it would be a disgrace and dishonour for them and their families.

They would happily remain successful, independent and single. Most men, too, are intimidated by women with power and success. Malaysian men may fear loss of ego and power.

When women are highly educated and earn more, men fear that women may not respect or obey them.

Successful and single women are unlucky in love because of their mindset and the limitations they impose on themselves.

Their self-inflated ego and unwillingness to compromise are key factors why they are unable to fall in love.

They should have a positive mindset and a willingness to work together for a fulfilling marriage.

Success, power and position mean nothing when you do not have someone to share it with.

A happy woman marries the man she loves, a happier woman loves the man she marries.
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