kheru2006 (kheru2006) wrote,

Real men see women's inner qualities

WOMEN who think they are unlucky in love need to realise that no one lives a perfect life. However, there is a chance for people to live a life that makes them feel complete.

It may be true that some men are intimidated by women who are intelligent, successful and attractive, but that should not make women think that they will never find love.

A newlywed holding a heart-shaped health service coupon at a marriage registry in Beijing on Valentine’s Day. Love is a wonderful feeling. EPA pic

Women need to believe that they will find true love, no matter how challenging and difficult it is.

Real men will see beyond women’s profession, educational background, looks and lifestyle.

However, the problem arises when some women think that there are no real men, when many fields are dominated by the fairer sex.

Indeed, men making the first move may be a thing of the past.

Love may be a wonderful feeling, but its sweetness may turn to bitterness.

When we are not given the opportunity to meet our soulmate, we should not feel unworthy.

Instead of worrying about a missing piece of the puzzle, we should focus on the rest of the pieces that make our lives complete.
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