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Some most annoying types of people in Facebook

I got this email from a friend of mine. But I don't want to forward it. Instead of forwarding it, I shall post it here.

Anyhow, I got this funny email about some most annoying types of people in Facebook. It's really interesting. After reading about this, my mind go "Hmm.. no, I didn't do that.. eh.. didn't someone I know actually love doing this?" or some of you would go "This is just like me..". Hah! just kidding.

 Yes, I bet all active users like me love doing that. I don't do much of this anymore because I have twitter now. =)


 Yes. This totally irritates me. But I love reading what people answer about themselves. It's hilarious sometimes. When I'm bored, I do it too. But I pick some and skip most of them.

 I don't play games in Facebook. But I never like putting all the games updates in my profile.

 This. This. hmm.. this. speechless. Not only infant, but cartoons/cars/stuff. -_-"""

 I love doing this. But only to my close ones. and definitely only on pictures I take. It irritates me when people tag me on "This is the list of all October babies" or "The hottest friends in your list" yada yada yada. I simply just untag myself every single time.

 This. Desperados. I will be a fan if I want to.

 I get this a lot! Seriously I see this a lot on my newsfeed. Not about me. obviously. Well, I think I did several times before too. Some of us do have plenty of anger inside and we have no where to throw our temper but in Facebook. Don't you feel curious sometimes when you see your friend post something like that? Well, if you do really care for a friend, I bet you do feel curious. Other than that, you pretend that you didn't see anything or rather not give a crap.

via Nizam Akmal

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