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Bookworms in peril as young give up on reading

For many of us, reading is fundamental in every aspect of the word. Through reading, we gain information and knowledge.

According to experts, reading helps one to stay mentally stimulated, boosts memory and reduces stress. Many mothers today encourage their children to pick up the reading habit from a young age.

Some even go to the extent of reading to their yet unborn babies to get a head start. There are scientific studies that suggest children who cultivate a reading habit perform better than those who don’t, simply because they develop a broader vocabulary, thus increasing general knowledge and a better outlook on life.

Cultivate the reading habit from young. There are many e-book readers, such as Rocket eBook, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, that can encourage the young to read.

Nevertheless, recent studies have suggested that reading appears to have lost its appeal among the younger crowd. Many have even argued it is now a lost art.

Maybe it’s because the younger generation have more things that interest them than reading a book.

Could it be that they are too preoccupied with their gadgets and gizmos?

Or, probably it is more fascinating to interact through the endless possibilities of the World Wide Web and all the applications that garner strong attractions, than just sitting around snuggling up to a book?

Though we do actually read while surfing or using applications, it’s not quite the same as enjoying the benefits of long, uninterrupted readings of a book.

The attention span, especially that of the younger audience, has indeed changed through the years. For some reason, they seem somewhat a restless bunch.

Long gone are the days when time was plenty, instead time now is of the essence as we often say.

Many of us are on the move each day.

Travelling takes up a lot of time, especially if one is living in the city, what with traffic congestion and all. Work is another reason we often find fault with when it comes to not having enough time to read.

After long hours at the office, reading would probably be the last thing on one’s mind at the end of the day for many. Let’s face it, our lifestyles have changed.

The world has become more complex and there are many reasons out there that take priority over reading a book. Our entertainment industry also plays a big part in reading being a lost art.

The younger generation are encouraged and exposed to the excitement of images such as movies.

Why read when one can actually watch a movie with all its high-resolution excitement on screen? Besides movies, there’s plenty of music, games, applications and more to keep us fascinated for hours.

At the slightest sound from a smartphone, we drop everything to check. With all these distractions, reading a book may just seem mundane. Nevertheless, all is not lost.

Today, books are no longer physical copies of printed materials on paper. Thanks to technology, one can now read through electronic-books (e-books). E-books, or digital books, are readily available as long as one has a smartphone, tablet or computer.

There are also other options to reading a book such as owning an e-book reader. The e-book reader was invented before tablets became a must-have gadget.

There are many companies that have their own e-book readers such as Rocket eBook, Sony Reader, and possibly the more famous ones, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, both launched in the United States.

This should encourage many, especially the younger generation, to read more since they are more comfortable with digital technology and its derivatives.

Personally, I believe technology will not replace reading, but rather enhance it. Reading on paper will always remain enjoyable (and easier on the eyes than reading electronically), so the printed book will never lose its value and importance.

It is thus crucial that parents and teachers cultivate and nurture a love for reading among children and help make it a lifetime habit.

Publishing houses also need to keep up with technological advances and create sufficient, rich and interactive content to meet children’s ever-changing demands and encourage them to read on whichever platform they are comfortable with.
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