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Cell phones as educational tools save cost, time and energy

CELL phones are different from other devices, such as the computer or tab, as it is a personal technology. Most students have invested a great deal of time learning the features of their cell phones, and their strengths and limitations.

The cell phone can extend beyond the walls of the school or the confines of a classroom, but due to possible negative effects, such as cheating and distraction in class and visiting inappropriate websites, most schools do not allow students to bring their cell phones.

Cell phones can be an effective educational, tool. Teaching and learning can be made easier if they are used wisely. For example, a student can download educational applications to their phones.

The apps can help teachers devise creative ways to teach and make lessons more interesting.

Teachers and students can answer questions via the phones, students’ progress feedback can be gathered through the phones and there are applications to document lab and group projects and teachers’ notes.

Everything is at their fingertips. One teacher describes how he demonstrated to his students the existence of the unseen force of electromagnetism by altering the readout on an electronic balance by dialling and transmitting phone numbers.

The learning process can be made simpler with the use of cell phones.

Cell phones as educational tools help to save cost, time and energy.

A teacher can also share slides, notes or any related medium through the online apps with students when they download the apps to their phones.

Meaning teachers are not required to print or copy the materials and distribute them in class.

Students can also explore ecosystems with their cell phones in hand when studying their physical environment.

While visiting a forest, they could document the ecosystem or produce a voice or written memo. For evaluation, the students can email their teacher pictures and text when their tasks are completed.

Therefore, the use of cell phones as an educational tool can reduce cost, time and energy, despite many quarters who feel that cell phones are a bane in schools.

The learning process can be made simpler and teachers will have less problems communicating with students.
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